Editors' Picks

Sleep Lightly

by: oldDog
oldDog creates a mystical soundframe for the delicately gorgeous vocal of Lisa DeBenedictis.

An artistic piano ballad that could remind one of a Sarah McLachlan/Tom Waits mash-up. A must listen!

Through the Edge

“Through the edge” blends the best of two of ccMixter’s finest dealers of rare goods - sounds collected from the edges of the known universe. This is music for intergalactic travellers exploring the infinite abyss.


…dont forget to

Never Be The Same

If I had a dictionary and I tried to find the words to describe this track. I wouldn’t find it. The magic Loveshadow creates everytime he puts a track together is phenominal.He always leaves me with my musical cup full. The interaction between vocals and music are a dance all their own. I applaud his talent and welcome his association. Loveshadow is a pure talent. I also do not want to detract from the beautiful vocal and song that was uploaded by SleeperSpaceborn. This combination is exceptional on this track. Very nicely done.

Peace! ;)~

Spinning between Earth & Moon

A groove as smooth as silk, Laura Eason’s delicate floating voice, and a variety of well-placed sonic textures make this chill track a pleasure to listen to again, and again.

Good to the Touch

Who needs coffee or sunshine this morning? Not me when I have this super bright music to listen to! Spinmeister, bringing out the best of his guitar’s twang, wash and pulse, along with Jacinda Espinosa’s sparkling vocal, creates a superb pop track that is absolutely uplifting!

Outside Poolside

It’s a crime. Just too many sonic and arrangement skills for one person to own.

Be Easy

by: Alex
Once again Alex shows his skills by representing with this hip-hop/crunk crossover track. I’m liking the way he drops the synth lead line. I was getting my groove on to this one. I could even see the video for this one in my mind, you know the one, bikini’s, pool! Oh Yeah! Hell of a mix.
Props definitely go out to Rob Genious,Gryme Time & Meiklasic for the vibe they’re laying down. This track is a serious club banger.

Peace! ;)-

bonobo business

by: _ghost
Amazing samples by Big Bonobo lovingly pureed by _ghost results in some chill grooves cooler than the backside of the pillow.
MC Jack in the Box


A truly ‘magical’ combination of some of the best voices at ccMixter, with deep African rhythms and sounds that delight one’s ears. A mystical mix.
Play Magic

Broken - Trifonic (SolarRain mix)

Newcomer SolarRain creates an emotionally compelling track with one of the most remixed pells at ccMixter. With a gentle wash of keys and moments of space, this chill track invites you to explore your heart.

Violet Town

One of ccM’s most prolific contributors, Briareus has delivered with “Violet Town” that most rare blend of challenging rhythms and harmonies that still is immediately accessible.
With crystal-clear production to match, this is a terrific backing for Debbizo’s poem.

Inside Outside

by: AT
Audiotechnica’s astonishingly beautiful and deeply emotional orchestral mix lifts Snowflake’s
voice and lyric from wonderful to heavenly heights. Sublime!
St. Paul

Almost Given Up

Loveshadow invites snowflake and airtone into his magical musical universe to deliver a gentle, yet forceful ode to persistence. A little dancy, a little dreamy - a fitting soundtrack for springtime in the northern hemisphere. A Saturday well spent!

My Resting Place

full disclosure….when i first heard this vocal track, i immediately wondered what Admiral Bob could do with it. And he’s really exceeded my expectations with a beautiful, simple but hardly simple arrangement for newcomer Songbird’s introduction to ccmixter. Inspired collaboration by 2 terrific artists.
MC Jack in the Box