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Get Loose
by texasradiofish
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Sat, Mar 27, 2010 @ 7:22 PM

Uses samples from:

Samples are used in:

permalink   Sun, Mar 28, 2010 @ 2:14 AM
What a subliem mix of jazz, hiphop, country and rock. Like it.
permalink   Sun, Mar 28, 2010 @ 2:18 AM
The music recalls the Blues Brothers:)
Crazy good
permalink   Sun, Mar 28, 2010 @ 10:42 AM
Terrific job! Where did you get the Morcheeba sample?
permalink   texasradiofish Sun, Mar 28, 2010 @ 11:08 AM
In 2008, I ran across a Morcheeba posting that said, here are all the wet studio vocal tracks from “Deep Dive”. The web site stated, “do what you want with the a cappellas, it’s a give back to our fans, drop us a line to show us what you’ve done.”

Can’t remember the Morcheeba URL, however. The URL listed a cappellas but I was unable to connect this weekend.
permalink   Sun, Mar 28, 2010 @ 2:18 PM
this band has fast become one of my favorites on the site. everybody plays like seasoned pro’s, ya’ll genre jump like it’s just a thang, and every song’s a knockout. everybody in the group deserve some but let’s make sure elron get his first.
permalink   texasradiofish Tue, Apr 13, 2010 @ 1:35 PM
Thanks, Panu. ElRon appreciates the love.

“Genre jumping” is a cool term. That makes two cool terms after Loveshadow called me an “electric skeleton”:0)

Best regards,
Genre Jumpin’ Electric Skeleton
permalink   Mon, Mar 29, 2010 @ 7:02 AM
This is Banging!!!!! I love the different mix of music you put together. Very creative.
permalink   texasradiofish Tue, Apr 13, 2010 @ 1:35 PM
Thanks, J.
permalink   Wed, Mar 31, 2010 @ 4:15 PM
Well you just keep popping out quality tracks! At first it reminded of the old SNL band,then it just got better! Well done :)I love the way you go into the swing feel too !
permalink   texasradiofish Tue, Apr 13, 2010 @ 1:26 PM
Thanks, Copperhead. SNL band … yep, the song does have that dog leg horn R&B sound.