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Let's whistle
by Stefan Kartenberg
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Fri, Mar 13, 2020 @ 3:36 AM

Samples are used in:

permalink   Fri, Mar 13, 2020 @ 4:45 AM
Cool. That kind of sounds like a mellotron fitted with whistle tape strips.

(Though I may have mellotron on my mind, having just seen this.)
permalink   Stefan Kartenberg Fri, Mar 13, 2020 @ 5:16 AM
Wow. Thanks for the link. This guys know how to handle a mellotron. I like the vintage melotron made in the 60ยดs. I once builded a little melotron on my one in my childhood. It depended on a tape recorder. I only recorded one sound(instrument) and played it back on an older keyboard witch I connected over different resistors to the motor of the tape recorder. So i was able to produce different sound tunes from the engine speed.
The sound I used in this song comes from a vst called “RealiWhistle”.
Itยดs a very usefull tool. BUT:

Be careful. It is not working with newer daws and kontakt versions.
It makes heavy midi errors like holding one tone.
So what I did:
I recorded every single tone with articulations and play it on my own sampler.
I will upload the samples if you are interested.
Just let me know.
permalink   Fri, Mar 13, 2020 @ 5:27 AM
permalink   Stefan Kartenberg Fri, Mar 13, 2020 @ 5:34 AM
Thank you, Mark.