Reviews left by urmymuse

Mon, Nov 19 10:42 AM urmymuse review of Anxiety Zoo by spinningmerkaba
Well you got the key to a great track!! Excellent
Mon, Nov 19 10:38 AM urmymuse review of Sacred Light by Aussens@iter
Super smooth love it !!!
Mon, Nov 19 10:32 AM urmymuse review of Burn it all down by Admiral Bob
Great job! Again much admiration for the no mixter left behind ethic !!
Sun, Nov 18 1:41 AM urmymuse review of Icarus (Drones in the Sky) by ScOmBer
Wow this is absolutely fantastic
Sun, Nov 18 1:30 AM urmymuse review of Swallow the Night by Doxent Zsigmond
Love it ! Glad you picked up on "your favourite dress" as a special one for ...
Mon, Oct 15 2:26 PM urmymuse review of Ukulele Age by septahelix
Very cool
Sun, Oct 7 2:56 AM urmymuse review of SHAMBALA by Dan_Mantau
Nice one! thanks for including me in :)
Tue, Sep 18 12:49 PM urmymuse review of Unamplified by Admiral Bob
Great atmosphere
Tue, Sep 18 12:45 PM urmymuse review of Dub The Vote by Speck
Top mash up! Vote vote vote
Tue, Sep 18 12:41 PM urmymuse review of Make That My Amendment by Radioontheshelf
Good one !
Tue, Sep 18 12:38 PM urmymuse review of Haze by Doxent Zsigmond
Now this is like really good
Wed, Aug 29 12:26 PM urmymuse review of Belly of the Biased Beast (Apoxode Mix) by Apoxode
Hard hitting! Love it !
Mon, Aug 27 3:31 PM urmymuse review of Age of A.I. by Carosone
Lovely track :) very sultry, cool. Great use of vocaloid. Bravo !!!
Mon, Aug 20 12:48 PM urmymuse review of Amplifier by Speck
"So OK yeah I will be an amplifier Turn my voice up to eleven it still won’t...
Mon, Aug 20 12:37 PM urmymuse review of Skinny Man (Donalds Song) by Radioontheshelf
great track , lyrics cool "And I β€˜d love to get my haircut in a style that...