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Reviews left by urmymuse

Mon, Dec 21 2:22 PM urmymuse review of Hard times in Oklahoma by Fireproof_Babies
This is absolutely fantastic! I am in small dark venue, my ears are hurting, i a...
Sat, Dec 12 12:06 PM urmymuse review of Just a Song by Admiral Bob
cool guitar work, you amped it up good !
Sat, Dec 12 12:00 PM urmymuse review of Loved by wellman
i feel the loved power
Sat, Dec 12 11:54 AM urmymuse review of Don't Want To Come Back Down by Ivan Chew
a wonderful,dreamy, exotic journey.
Mon, Dec 7 10:14 AM urmymuse review of The White Cube (Kyrie Eleison) by jacindae
madrigaltastic! a perfectly poised piece that needs no further embellishment. ma...
Sat, Dec 5 2:45 AM urmymuse review of Fell Out Of The Sky by Hans Atom
Top sounds , really like the arrangement bachesque melodies and all. Builds very...
Sat, Dec 5 2:38 AM urmymuse review of White Out (Shade of the Moon Mix) by SackJo22
this is great, the deep , mesmeric, ethereal quality really impresses
Wed, Dec 2 1:12 AM urmymuse review of Runnin by error404
this is wild! the bass sound is like living energy
Tue, Dec 1 11:38 AM urmymuse review of Old Man and the Sea II by Ivan Chew
lovely rythmic float along sound that is happy to go where its going ... top sou...
Sun, Nov 8 12:27 PM urmymuse review of Angry Ophelia's Song by Donnie Drost
I think this works , i especially like the still ... still .... still towards th...
Sat, Oct 31 4:19 AM urmymuse review of Dandy by kidcharlamaign
guitar is very well done
Fri, Oct 30 1:10 PM urmymuse review of Persephone by spdejan
i think this is fab, its atmospheric,ambient but seething at the same time .... ...
Fri, Oct 30 12:44 PM urmymuse review of Like A Sunrise by Niemandsland
this is just lovely. guitar carries the day very very well, and the hint of sax ...
Sun, Oct 25 12:52 PM urmymuse review of Strange Town by Ivan Chew
Hi Ivan, this is a wonderful track. The snipet of japanese is v sultry, your gui...
Thu, Oct 8 12:04 PM urmymuse review of Circle of Love (Thread Two) by Ivan Chew
Hi Ivan, Think you have achieved what you set out to do with this. Very emotiona...