Reviews left by urmymuse

Sun, May 9 3:11 AM urmymuse review of Rescue Me by Internal Faith Relation
this is excellent. The way the track ebbs and flows round the vocal is especiall...
Thu, Apr 29 12:00 PM urmymuse review of Food-chain by Fireproof_Babies
In this modern age the sound of real drums makes an extra refreshing change. Fit...
Mon, Apr 26 4:19 PM urmymuse review of Bathe in Root Beer by Fireproof_Babies
i get elated when my bath is full of tepid water (we have had a few problems wit...
Mon, Apr 26 3:59 PM urmymuse review of two worlds distance (grounds on fire) by PhinkTink
one mans boring night in is another mans great track. liked this alot.
Mon, Apr 26 3:46 PM urmymuse review of River by debbizo
oooh short and sweet. the laconic sax works well with the spoken word piece.
Mon, Apr 12 11:32 AM urmymuse review of A Gust Of Wind by Subliminal
wow i think this works exceptionally well, Thats some crazy guitar (and sitar ?)...
Sun, Apr 11 11:21 AM urmymuse review of Tango A Cappella by jacindae
The defining feature of this is that everything about it is great!
Sun, Apr 11 2:43 AM urmymuse review of Thunder and Hail by debbizo
Hiss or no hiss the poems really good and the reading works well with the thunde...
Sun, Apr 11 2:29 AM urmymuse review of Not Afraid by Ivan Chew
Hi Ivan ... the acoustic guitar bounces along beautifully with the vocal, the ot...
Sun, Apr 11 2:19 AM urmymuse review of Young Proto-Planets by Fireproof_Babies
want more craggy heights with my monkey brains. Another fab lyrical repast
Sun, Apr 11 2:02 AM urmymuse review of Winter Soul by texasradiofish
jazztastic backing to snowflakes poetry some how emphasises the spirtual feeling...
Sat, Apr 3 7:25 AM urmymuse review of Flight of the Golden Bees by Ivan Chew
Very dramatic piece Ivan. ABs spoken word piece is very enigmatic, jacinda gives...
Tue, Mar 30 2:17 PM urmymuse review of Way Out Here by DeBenedictis
beautiful writing, beautifully sung. bravo!
Sat, Mar 27 2:23 AM urmymuse review of Toad Stool Fairy Ring by Fireproof_Babies
am glad you made this emerge from its filthy pond! nice use of acoustic folky sa...
Sat, Mar 20 1:50 PM urmymuse review of Tepid Methane by Fireproof_Babies
o brave new world that has such babies in it