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Reviews left by unreal_dm

Mon, Sep 14 11:14 AM unreal_dm review of Je ne peux pas le retenir by Bluemillenium
Funkadelic – thanks for the include.
Sun, Jul 5 5:11 AM unreal_dm review of スーパー Supa Jaiantsu Spaceman by Bluemillenium
Nicely Done
Sat, Jul 20 4:22 AM unreal_dm review of 2018 (More Than Half A Year Late) by Speck
Thu, Mar 21 11:53 AM unreal_dm review of here again by panu
Thanks for using the track for your insights Panu. Ain't no difference here.
Fri, Feb 22 2:13 PM unreal_dm review of I Can't Remember (Folk Mix) by Speck
Very nicely put together - thanks for the include.
Mon, Nov 5 6:24 AM unreal_dm review of mixing itb by panu
Nice one Panu – many thanks for using the track.
Tue, Jun 19 11:08 AM unreal_dm review of Like The Shifting Sun by Admiral Bob
Sounding good Admiral - many thanks for including me.
Sun, May 13 2:02 PM unreal_dm review of u r my home by urmymuse
Sun, May 13 2:01 PM unreal_dm review of Adaptation Is Surrender by Speck
Very nicely done – thanks for putting my musical meanderings to such good use.
Tue, Apr 24 6:21 AM unreal_dm review of The Thing Of It Is by Speck
Very nicely done –thanks for including me.
Sun, Dec 31 11:04 AM unreal_dm review of Ok, You Win (A Passive Aggressive Concession To 2017) by Speck
Great lyrics, many thanks for using the track. best for 2018
Mon, Dec 11 11:00 AM unreal_dm review of Fever .... by VickyDan
Very nicely done, sounds great.
Mon, Nov 13 3:46 AM unreal_dm review of Here Is A Church by Speck
Thanks for making such good use of the samples.
Tue, Sep 19 1:17 AM unreal_dm review of PARIS .... by VickyDan
Very nicely done Dan many thanks for including me.
Tue, Aug 1 2:45 AM unreal_dm review of The funk of Dig 2017 by Bluemillenium
Great track Bluemillenium – many thanks for including me.