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Sweb grew up in the late 90′s being subjected to his parents vast CD collection, ranging from ELO, John Farnham and Bon Jovi. In retaliation, he fell in love with Hip Hop music, in particular the production side and soon after became deeply passionate about Electronic Dance Music (EDM) and all of its Sub-Genres. Not long after Sweb wrote an produced his debut album Brighter On The Other Side at age 15, fusing together Electronica, Dubstep, Reggae and Hip Hop.

Sweb is currently in the middle of writing & producing a brand ne EP titled Getaway, which he states is “……… heavily influenced by dance music, however I have found myself really experimenting with other genres, I’m really trying to encourage people who don’t normally listen to/ discourage Electronic music to still have listen, I think they will find it to not just be doof doof ‘Techno’ Music .”

Getaway will be available for free download upon its release in 2013.

Sweb will start writing his second full feature album in the Australian summer of 2013-2014. Although there are no certain details about the release it is to be believed that it will be prominently Dubstep style album, Along the lines Seven Lions, Krewella & Adventure Club.
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