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Sturzstrom (tglancy):

Reviews left for Sturzstrom

Sat, Aug 4 1:12 PM panu review of New Americana by Sturzstrom
funky B/T . . . . puctuates the spoken word in all the right places.
Sat, Jun 16 7:07 PM texasradiofish review of breezy by Sturzstrom
Good to hear that you "just play the song"
Thu, Jun 14 2:39 PM urmymuse review of breezy by Sturzstrom
subtle love it
Mon, Jun 11 11:39 PM Apoxode review of breezy by Sturzstrom
I'm really digging your ambient work. It has a quality similar to Boards of Cana...
Sat, Jan 27 2:38 PM Kara Square review of shiny happy by Sturzstrom
Beautiful. Experimental. The vocals add an uneasiness... as if the spirits are h...
Wed, Jan 17 4:26 AM Speck review of ideaspace by Sturzstrom
Smooth and dark with nicely integrated vocal.
Mon, Nov 14 3:24 AM Speck review of NMP by Sturzstrom
A haunting presentation of an unfortunate reality.
Sat, Oct 3 9:19 AM latopa review of Like you mean it by Sturzstrom
just the intro is killer, the rest is super mixomania
Sat, Oct 3 6:08 AM Speck review of Like you mean it by Sturzstrom
Exceptional cool. Great open sound too.
Sat, Oct 3 4:42 AM texasradiofish review of Like you mean it by Sturzstrom
Love it. Would ed pick if TRF was not included in the remix. Good job. Great g...
Mon, Feb 23 4:02 AM Speck review of You Have The Chillies (Wish the years away) by Sturzstrom
I like the way you've integrated debbizo's phrase into the rhythm.
Sat, Feb 21 5:27 AM Siobhan Dakay review of Devyn and Frank Join the Jams by Sturzstrom
I would love to have you mastering skills within the electronica music space. co...
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