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Reviews left for stellarartwars

Fri, Sep 25 7:05 PM Kara Square review of Super Power : Breastfeeding (SAW mix w/stems) by stellarartwars
Awesome. Thanks for remixing this one, Andy and Kathy! Your signature style work...
Wed, Sep 9 5:52 PM Kara Square review of These Years And Still (SAW mix w/stems) by stellarartwars
A big dose of love always helps, eh? Thanks for your kind words and love-fueled ...
Wed, Sep 9 5:41 PM Kara Square review of Dead Heat (SAW EMO mix w/stems) by stellarartwars
Love your backing track! So positively fun! Thanks, SAW!
Fri, Sep 4 1:08 PM Kara Square review of Trying Not To Break (Liquid DnB Folk Jam) by stellarartwars
Creative and emotionally compelling... I like the bassline a lot... nice synth p...
Fri, Sep 4 10:58 AM Bluemillenium review of Trying Not To Break (Liquid DnB Folk Jam) by stellarartwars
Very good job, I like to listen to your composition.
Thu, Sep 3 12:59 PM Snowflake review of Chill Out 15 pt2 by stellarartwars
mystical with suspense.
Sat, Aug 29 6:12 PM texasradiofish review of In Loving Care (SAW mix with stems) by stellarartwars
diggin the rhythm, SAW
Thu, Aug 27 2:22 PM Kara Square review of I Wonder (SAW mix + stems) by stellarartwars
Hey SAW! Thanks for remixing me! I like those beats and synths. Happy stuff!
Mon, Aug 24 12:25 PM Levihica review of Could Be (SAW liquid mix w/ stems) by stellarartwars
This is really cool. Love liquid dnb groove and the melody and vibes are very ni...
Mon, Aug 24 10:45 AM RustyJack review of What Kind Of Man (JXL Max mix) inc stems by stellarartwars
Fun is the word! Bubbly, even. Thanks for taking the time - it's such an hon...
Sat, Aug 15 3:38 PM SackJo22 review of SAW Acid Trilogy 2 by stellarartwars
I particularly liked this one.
Sat, Aug 15 3:01 PM SackJo22 review of 5 Stage by stellarartwars
This is a great arrangement. Thanks for including me in the series.
Sat, Aug 15 7:40 AM Kara Square review of Build (+stems) by stellarartwars
This has a fantastic feel. Catchy piano and bass. Nice treatment of the vox. I l...
Sat, Aug 15 1:42 AM texasradiofish review of Lightning Strikes 2wice (SAW mix) by stellarartwars
Good job on this arrangement, SAW Excellent britpop accompaniment. Great feel....
Thu, Aug 13 1:46 PM Steven M Bryant review of Lightning Strikes 2wice (SAW mix) by stellarartwars
I had a big smile from beginning to end.. I like the uptempo and thought it was ...