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Reviews left by Speck

Sun, Jul 7 3:39 AM Speck review of Blue Sky by soundtails
Really nice orchestral additions.
Sun, Jul 7 3:31 AM Speck review of Shell Voices by Javolenus
Sweet and mellow. Nice feel.
Sun, Jul 7 3:18 AM Speck review of Focus on Love - Kara Square - Nickillus remix 2019 by Nickillus
Great composition. Very nice classical/orchestral/baroque feel to it.
Fri, Jul 5 2:46 AM Speck review of Live Your Own Life by texasradiofish
Thu, Jul 4 2:43 AM Speck review of Speck on the Mic by Apoxode
So very clean and cool. Great bass line. I like everything about this. Thanks fo...
Tue, Jul 2 2:58 AM Speck review of Love Prevails by Apoxode
Well done. Nice job of keeping it simple but satisfying.
Mon, Jul 1 2:25 AM Speck review of Pitx Remix by Martin Cee (softmartin)
Shiny minimalism. Very nice.
Sun, Jun 30 3:49 AM Speck review of Its up to You by Scomber
Definitely got that mellow summer pop flavor of the past. Nicely done.
Sun, Jun 30 3:41 AM Speck review of Good Intentions by Snowflake
Nice collaboration spanning the years, well cohesive.
Sun, Jun 30 3:33 AM Speck review of La détermination by Bluemillenium
Very nice energy and sound manipulation. Well done.
Sun, Jun 30 3:27 AM Speck review of Foolish Game - Miss Snowflake - Nickillus remix by Nickillus
Nice clean mix. Cool bass line.
Fri, Jun 28 4:53 AM Speck review of Shining from Above by Apoxode
Sweet summer flavor. Great mix. Much enjoyed.
Fri, Jun 28 2:47 AM Speck review of speckin' out by Martin Cee (softmartin)
You've put a much needed smile on my face this morning. Thanks.
Mon, Jun 24 12:11 PM Speck review of Your own life by reiswerk
Fantastic collaboration. Really well done.
Mon, Jun 24 12:07 PM Speck review of What It Means by Apoxode
Lovin' the pace and the space and the clarity of sound. Excellent mix.