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Hi there!

My name is Ben, i live in Germany and i´ve been (hobby-)producing on my computer for about 7 years now. I also play the guitar (not virtuoso, but creative i think) and like to try out any instrument that crosses my way.

I´m not deadlocked in any particular genre, i love music in general and i´m open to almost anything that has to do with it. One thing i would especially like to try is working together with a band (i.e. playing my sequencer as one instrument of the band), cause i like combinations of electronic and guitar music, but furthermore i´m generally interested in any kind of musical cooperation. I like when different styles and ideas join together to inspire each other and form something new.
Also in my solo-stuff i like to cross (and destroy?) borders and combine different kinds of music, instruments, cultures………………….

If you like my sound, you can find more on Soundcloud..

For any questions, suggestions, requests, invitations or threats: just write..
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