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Reviews left by shagrugge

Mon, Mar 3 8:44 PM shagrugge review of Getaway - (1st verse) by teru
Nice work choppin Hepepe up. I like what you did with rslane's sax to produce a ...
Mon, Mar 3 8:42 PM shagrugge review of sleeping mary by penston
the hymn and Hersh's voice work well together but the bass guitar isn't doing it...
Mon, Mar 3 8:37 PM shagrugge review of February..and fly the gazelle by ditto ditto
Very unique blend...well mastered.
Mon, Mar 3 8:31 PM shagrugge review of Nobody's Got My DNA by Alex
funky...outstanding treatment of K's vocal. Reminds me of some Blood Sugar Sex M...
Wed, Feb 27 7:22 PM shagrugge review of Earth, Love, Sea (little mermaid cut) by Ruggea
very nice idea. welcome to mixing. the dubs for this are great. What are you usi...
Wed, Feb 27 1:43 PM shagrugge review of Virginia's Blues (Cyberpest Mix) by Budapest BluesBoy
hepepe the hepcat so many elements to sample in this. Thank you!
Tue, Feb 19 7:30 PM shagrugge review of Nadeya (Tribal Bump Mix) by yellowjacket_osx
very unique, love the blend of sounds here, takes me back to the some of the fla...
Tue, Feb 19 7:26 PM shagrugge review of Like they Used to (cdk 420 mix) by Analog By Nature
sweet rhodes
Tue, Feb 19 7:25 PM shagrugge review of Ya Rap by Alex
ima sucker for rap in languages I can't understand as it ends up being like list...
Tue, Feb 19 7:22 PM shagrugge review of Chucks Mix by maccam912
drums are a little over powering in this. I'd bring up the vocals a bit too.
Tue, Feb 19 7:21 PM shagrugge review of The Art of Dyeing (Hair today - Gone tomorrow by radiotimes
epic outlaw feel
Tue, Feb 19 7:17 PM shagrugge review of Otto Dangerfield 2008 by DJ.E-State
oh 5h17 this is nice love the instrumental behind this and Clarance is always b...
Tue, Feb 19 7:12 PM shagrugge review of Santiago [Omni Vista's Dirty Street Mix] by Omni Vista
Omni Vista always provides great mixes. I dig the production style mang.
Mon, Feb 11 6:57 AM shagrugge review of PLoo 5b Instrumental by FGrn Grn
this is ill dig the phase-filtered drums...we got to start collabin on some next...
Mon, Feb 11 6:00 AM shagrugge review of Peace (sleepywhisper's make dub not war remix) by sleepywhisper
I like where this is going, love the title. One suggestion the vocal samples i...