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Mon, Dec 8 2:56 PM s.c.mixer review of Slipping by Scott Altham
This has a nice dark-synth feeling; or whatever. Seems you are in a dark mood la...
Mon, Dec 8 2:50 PM s.c.mixer review of April, Saturday, 2am by Scott Altham
This is a great electro-rock track undoubtely In my opinion, CG's voice does n...
Mon, Dec 1 3:51 PM s.c.mixer review of Broken (Martin Preston Mix) by Martin Preston
Aside of the 8 minute lasting, the detuning issue and the fact that these vocals...
Mon, Dec 1 3:42 PM s.c.mixer review of Untill the sky changes colors by basti_de_basti
Cool disco sounds The chord changes when the vocals enter are great! I agree ...
Mon, Dec 1 3:38 PM s.c.mixer review of When I Close My Eyes by Mana Junkie
A little repetitive... maybe hypnotic... I like.
Mon, Dec 1 3:37 PM s.c.mixer review of Just One Night (Revive the Electro Carr vibe) by shagrugge
I like these smooth breaks! You definitely have your style.
Fri, Nov 28 4:54 PM s.c.mixer review of Fell Out of the Sky (flypaper edit) by bluebottle
Nice DnB track, but the stems are unrecognizable, at least for me... :S
Thu, Nov 27 5:07 PM s.c.mixer review of Take A Shot by Olenergy
Top-notch as always I can only criticize that you use more or less the same to...
Thu, Nov 27 5:03 PM s.c.mixer review of Computer [machine remix] by Decaying Machine
I wish you'd post more often!
Fri, Nov 21 5:36 PM s.c.mixer review of Chemma Chi (d'n'b mix) by Salivili
Hey, not that bad to be the first one :) Keep posting!
Fri, Nov 21 5:21 PM s.c.mixer review of Caution.. Exhale by bluebottle
Although I'm not a big fan of mixing so many different styles together like you ...
Mon, Nov 10 6:58 PM s.c.mixer review of Not too quiet by zikweb
Nice one! I think the "ambient" tag is missing :)
Mon, Nov 10 6:45 PM s.c.mixer review of Good Enough for Bondage by silviobondage
Nice tracks (this and the previous one), cool deep and proggy feeling, clean pro...
Mon, Nov 3 3:19 PM s.c.mixer review of Kill Kill Kill Yourself by jikjax
Extremely original!! Nice work. Creepy jazz? A new music style? :)
Mon, Nov 3 3:13 PM s.c.mixer review of The Dead by Derek Wright
Great dance production. Nice blend between breaks and straight four to the fl...