Magic Hours Secret Mixter Tracks

Reviews left by saturo

Sun, Oct 30 5:19 AM saturo review of Never Tell Me You Love Me by Stefan Kartenberg
ectronic music from the 70s to now in one song, perfect!
Sun, Oct 30 5:01 AM saturo review of Constant Movement Suite by DFF_Sound_System
very modern production!
Sun, Oct 30 4:58 AM saturo review of Quarkstar inspiración by Zep Hurme
a floor filler!
Sun, Oct 30 4:53 AM saturo review of The Quiet Hours by Siobhan Dakay
very beautiful song!
Sun, Oct 30 4:50 AM saturo review of Abraxas Chief of the Stars Remix by debbizo
one of the best songs here on cc mixter! it sounds like a studio production
Sun, Oct 30 4:46 AM saturo review of Everything by Quarkstar
cool, psychedelic remix
Sun, Oct 30 4:37 AM saturo review of Watch It Remix by Martin Cee (softmartin)
very cool remix!
Sun, Oct 30 4:32 AM saturo review of HealDance by reusenoise
cool dancefloor house song
Sun, Oct 30 4:29 AM saturo review of Halloween Jazz Jam ccMixter Promo by Siobhan Dakay
i don´t like jazz so much, but you have done your work perfect! modern sound f...
Sun, Oct 30 4:17 AM saturo review of The White Cube (Constellations Mix) feat. SackJo22 & Colab by Mana Junkie
cool scifi sound with wonderful piano!
Sun, Oct 23 4:58 AM saturo review of L'avenir by Bluemillenium
beautiful electronic chanson!
Wed, Oct 12 3:00 PM saturo review of Ballin [prod. by Robbero] by Robbero
yes, that´s trap!
Thu, May 5 2:58 PM saturo review of Dos platos y un microfono by Kruzzial
very cool vocals for many different styles