Whale Songs Remixes

Reviews left by sLow_starteR

Fri, Aug 24 6:33 PM sLow_starteR review of I Wanna Lay Me Down by TheDICE
Pop music approaching a religious intensity, even if one's agnostic. Perfect......
Mon, Jul 9 4:02 AM sLow_starteR review of Who Needs Love? (When You Can Watch It On Telly) inc stems by stellarartwars
Very cool
Mon, Jul 9 3:38 AM sLow_starteR review of All that she surveys-Piano by Jeris
Thought I'd never find the doorway to autumn '95 again. I know that makes no ...
Mon, Jul 9 2:22 AM sLow_starteR review of Spring Cleaning by unreal_dm
waaaay beyond awesome....(they'll have to invent a new word)
Mon, Jul 9 2:18 AM sLow_starteR review of I Heart Your Brain by unreal_dm
FAR OUT! What a wonderful production this is!!
Mon, Jul 9 2:11 AM sLow_starteR review of Em100-JoansGroove by Javolenus
freakin' awesome!!
Sat, Jul 7 4:51 PM sLow_starteR review of I Only Think Of You by TheDICE
This is simply wonderful, Dice!! ~"radio-ready"~
Sat, Jul 7 4:26 PM sLow_starteR review of Dance in the Rain by pyrex
very cool!!
Fri, Jul 6 9:32 PM sLow_starteR review of Flash (inc stems) by stellarartwars
A lot of possibilities in this heady composition, great work!
Fri, Jul 6 9:24 PM sLow_starteR review of Song Of A Banker by Javolenus
I'm gone for a short while & you become Roger Waters meets Television LOVE IT...
Fri, Jul 6 8:19 PM sLow_starteR review of Carnival by Kara Square
Very concept albumy (i guess that isn't a word!!) I could really hear this as li...
Fri, Jul 6 8:13 PM sLow_starteR review of Caffeine Love Affair by TheDICE
:) Very cool--reminds me of some of my old faves like Ace of Base & Yazoo. Great...
Thu, May 24 10:45 PM sLow_starteR review of Whole by TheDICE
Life should sound like this.....excellent work again, Dice!! (downloaded & goin...
Wed, May 23 6:33 PM sLow_starteR review of Rockin' with Copperhead by Jeris
INTENSE!! hope you're well, Jeris!!
Wed, May 23 6:18 PM sLow_starteR review of Extinct - Vocals and Guitar by Kara Square
fantastic song, timely & relevant lyrics--awesome work, Kara, I like this a lot!...