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Reviews left by sLow_starteR

Sun, May 20 5:27 PM sLow_starteR review of BREATHe (inc stems) by stellarartwars
holds up lighter :)
Sun, May 20 5:24 PM sLow_starteR review of A#94-SolidGold by Javolenus
Great song!! especially like the tone & lyrical ambivalence, reminds me of Peter...
Sun, May 20 4:21 AM sLow_starteR review of Gm95-England Was OK by Javolenus
Great song, & great delivery Javolenus--a very vivid & memorable work!! AWESOME!...
Sun, May 20 3:24 AM sLow_starteR review of The Heartstring by unreal_dm
beautiful...just beautiful!!
Sun, May 20 2:21 AM sLow_starteR review of An Untitled Love Song - Vocals by Kara Square
great singin', Kara...very nice!!
Sat, May 19 10:25 PM sLow_starteR review of Running Man by short hopper
very cool, great work, short hopper!
Sat, May 19 10:17 PM sLow_starteR review of In Loving Care by Geert Veneklaas
a standout track
Sat, May 19 10:05 PM sLow_starteR review of Four Voices One Tongue by panu
If we could play this loudly at Four Corners, I think the canyon spirits would b...
Sat, May 19 9:57 PM sLow_starteR review of Cm114-Folky-impro by Javolenus
Man, your Irish whistle. That is icing on the cake!!
Sat, May 19 9:53 PM sLow_starteR review of Trace of Love (feat.Panumoon&Javolenus) by Wired Ant
very cinematic, both in the exemplary instrumentation & Panu's standout vox & ly...
Sat, May 19 9:46 PM sLow_starteR review of Lovebeam by TheDICE
The world can always use some more. i like this a lot!!
Sat, May 19 9:33 PM sLow_starteR review of To Haley by TheDICE
I feel like a complete &^(*&^ for not logging in recently, i've been so swamped!...
Sat, May 19 9:24 PM sLow_starteR review of Sir Doppler and the Secret Yodel Society by Wired Ant
i have no idea how you did this, but it's damn excellent!! dig those wisps of in...
Sat, May 19 9:19 PM sLow_starteR review of Brand New Bark by Super_Sigil
very cool track, great work, Super_Sigil!!
Mon, May 14 12:22 AM sLow_starteR review of circus man by Jeris
very nice Jeris, really great use of MommaLuv SKyTower's sexy vox too