Reviews left by plurgid

Wed, Nov 28 8:21 AM plurgid review of Stay Alive (DjiZ RmX) by Kwame
oh yeah ... has an early nails vibe to me. Needs some high passed distorted pian...
Wed, Nov 28 8:07 AM plurgid review of The Edge of Another Moon by Loveshadow
LOL ... edge, is that you? wicked as always.
Wed, Nov 28 8:03 AM plurgid review of Get On It (Ophelia's Obese Groove) by shagrugge
unusual pairing of pells. and you made it work pretty well. kind of a futurelo...
Wed, Nov 28 7:55 AM plurgid review of Spending days by minimal_art
oh WOW, dude! I can't believe no other comments yet. There are really a lot ...
Wed, Nov 28 7:52 AM plurgid review of Version Braquage by DJ.E-State
Oh YEAAAAH! this is tight, fellas! I love that beat.
Wed, Nov 28 7:35 AM plurgid review of Always by AT
wow ... this is completely perfect.
Wed, Nov 28 7:23 AM plurgid review of Kcentric's Roaches (Keep It Down) by Abhi S.V.
whoah! you got skillz, dude! BTW, when you gonna get back on the mic?
Wed, Nov 28 7:21 AM plurgid review of March by Pitx
Wed, Nov 28 7:01 AM plurgid review of "October" - Chillout / Jazz-Rock ReMiX by The.Spirit.Of.Light
that electric piano ... the cymbals ... the chimes ... the wow guitar ...the ove...
Wed, Nov 28 6:53 AM plurgid review of Take Your Clothes Off by Loveshadow
what a really unique style! what can I say that hasn't been said? awesome! ...
Wed, Nov 28 6:47 AM plurgid review of new be cool chandan boruah mix by Chandan Boruah
Yo chandubaba ... I'm feelin' that big beat at the top. It clips a LOT though .....
Tue, Nov 20 9:03 PM plurgid review of We Are Not Evil (Down To Brass Tacks Remix) by Sawtooth
Thu, Nov 15 10:07 AM plurgid review of Not Like That (the re-re-edit) by Analog By Nature
aaah yeah ... that's it.
Thu, Nov 15 9:37 AM plurgid review of Every Wave by Loveshadow
damn, no matter what's up with the vox edits (which ain't bad) ... that instrume...
Thu, Nov 15 9:34 AM plurgid review of VODKAVILLE rmx by Kwame
great beat, dude!