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Reviews left by pinkcutiepie

Sun, Apr 5 3:06 PM pinkcutiepie review of Touch U by slumberlords
I feel stupid that a year has gone by and I never reviewed this lol. but this is...
Sun, Apr 5 3:00 PM pinkcutiepie review of Is That A Laser In Your Pocket? (Where Is The Sky? mix) by duckett
whoaaa this is crazy cool! i love the chaotic yet harmonic sound u got going on ...
Sun, Apr 5 2:57 PM pinkcutiepie review of Deflated by djguido
OMG amazing! i wanted to get up and dance lol =)) i liked the beat and eveything...
Sun, Apr 5 2:55 PM pinkcutiepie review of Solitude by Bluemillenium
OMG i love this, from the vocals to the spoken word and the whole mix altogether...
Sun, Apr 5 2:53 PM pinkcutiepie review of Lies by the100thmonkey
This is so pretty =) wow. i like how it sounds all soothing lol. great mix!!! =)...
Sun, Apr 5 2:50 PM pinkcutiepie review of Kutiman Can't Sleep Either by Scomber
dude u r amazingness =) i hope u win that contest thing lol i love the guitar!!
Sun, Apr 5 7:13 AM pinkcutiepie review of Blow Your Mind by Briareus
wooo! super awesome, b =)) ur remixes are getting better and better ^_^ this one...
Fri, Apr 3 11:57 AM pinkcutiepie review of Take me I'm Yours by Scomber
amazing, of course. i wouldn't expect anything less =))
Thu, Apr 2 8:39 PM pinkcutiepie review of Magic in your Eyes by Scomber
whoa this is amazinggg =)) and i am excited for my rockerchick song now lol =)
Wed, Apr 1 9:20 PM pinkcutiepie review of Hospital Hill - "Runoff "remix by artemisstrong
eeekk i love it =) so entrancing
Wed, Apr 1 9:11 PM pinkcutiepie review of Edison's Medicine (Drew Mix) by uglifruit
this is so pretty and soothing =) it really goes well with the vocal
Mon, Mar 30 3:39 PM pinkcutiepie review of Pleasure vs Pain by Scomber
another amazing mix =) this one was so cool. and btw can u post the instrumental...
Sun, Mar 29 7:11 PM pinkcutiepie review of Mr. Bartenda by salvosuper
awesome! this is hot! good job =)
Sun, Mar 29 6:12 AM pinkcutiepie review of Take you higher (scmixer electro tech mix) by s.c.mixer
OMG i love this!!! the vocals sounded very pretty and the mix altogether was awe...
Sun, Mar 29 5:46 AM pinkcutiepie review of Pink Cardiac Arrest by Scomber
awww i love it =)) thank u soooo much for mixing this it sounds amazingggg =) an...