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Reviews left by norelpref

Wed, Jan 10 3:37 PM norelpref review of What You Want by womoma
Intense. Great tude and overall production.
Mon, Dec 4 5:46 PM norelpref review of Colors Shifting (Christian S Remix) by Christian S
Very nice rendering, great use of the existing samples.
Thu, Nov 30 8:58 PM norelpref review of Velvet Robe by narva9
Plaintive, sweet, imbued with an austere folk wisdom. this is a fine piece. Th...
Thu, Nov 30 8:52 PM norelpref review of Improv 5 by William Brown
another aleatoric, ambling mini masterpiece. I'm glad to hear stuff around here...
Thu, Nov 30 8:48 PM norelpref review of Improv 4 by William Brown
tremendous. Definitely not the typical "pentatonic" guitar sound. Avant garde,...
Thu, Nov 30 8:38 PM norelpref review of Electro Lead by nelas
I like this. Definitely a possible cool prelude to an extended piece.
Tue, Nov 14 10:18 PM norelpref review of God Bandit - No Drum Atmo Accapella Sax by minimal_art
Oh, I will! This is most tasty. Thanks. Supercool.
Sat, Nov 4 6:42 PM norelpref review of wAH by HC-7
tasty, well played.
Sat, Nov 4 6:37 PM norelpref review of insist to be born - D-Night Loop - Version 1:22 by LuLaLoop aka LuckyLoOop
Except for the vocal, which seems a tad too loud and slightly distorted at point...
Sat, Nov 4 6:35 PM norelpref review of "S1deSh0w" by Analog By Nature
How interesting that this raging pella hadn't been sampled at all for a while, a...
Sat, Nov 4 6:29 PM norelpref review of Like a Sunrise by Klaus_N
Interesting, offbeat rendering of Diane's sample. I know this vocal is a tough ...
Sun, Oct 29 9:33 AM norelpref review of 110bpm Hiphoppish Constructionkit by erizzle
Thanks for providing such a great sample package
Sat, Oct 28 9:09 AM norelpref review of NoKarate by NoiseCollector
I like this very much. Yeah, you know some fists and feet were flying :-) Th...
Wed, Oct 25 5:54 PM norelpref review of FOG on the Bluff by DJ BLUE
I'm really digging all this juju funk / frippy guitar going down here lately!
Wed, Oct 25 5:40 PM norelpref review of Blessed are the Greedy by minimal_art