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Reviews left by musikpirat

Mon, Apr 11 12:49 PM musikpirat review of Like Music by Admiral Bob
Catch of the day!
Mon, Apr 11 12:47 PM musikpirat review of Radio Moscow: Funk in A by texasradiofish
Excellent song! But - sorry for picking out this one - it lacks of a proper endi...
Sun, Apr 10 1:31 PM musikpirat review of Devour The Guitar by 7OOP3D
Great piece of work!
Thu, Apr 7 1:23 PM musikpirat review of I was wrong by Benjamin Orth
Since I'm not a native speaker, most of the times I do not really listen to the ...
Thu, Apr 7 1:18 PM musikpirat review of Dead Heat by Kara Square
Looking forward for what Covert will do with this pella. :)
Wed, Apr 6 1:18 PM musikpirat review of Cool Dudes by unreal_dm
Catch of the day!
Mon, Apr 4 1:13 PM musikpirat review of Fallin' Apart by Focal Chords
Nice sound - and the Catch of the day. :) http://musik.klarmachen-zum-aendern...
Sat, Apr 2 10:52 AM musikpirat review of Tears Gather Like The Rain by Subliminal
There have been some great uploads today, so this was no easy decision... Th...
Fri, Apr 1 2:22 PM musikpirat review of A Better Way by Clarence Simpson
Sounds good!
Tue, Mar 29 1:53 AM musikpirat review of Emergence by Niemandsland
This song is playing smoothly in the background. But as soon as it ends, somethi...
Tue, Mar 29 1:39 AM musikpirat review of Choice CSoul remix by CSoul
Smooth track - and a worthy Catch of the day! http://musik.klarmachen-zum-aen...
Sun, Mar 27 2:29 PM musikpirat review of Why? by Blake
Would you mind if I say, that it's a shame that you spent so much time in produc...
Sun, Mar 27 2:22 PM musikpirat review of McJackinthePot by El.ector
Yeah, the juice is definitivly with you!
Fri, Mar 25 1:46 PM musikpirat review of Permaculture Disconnect by Internal Faith Relation
Catch of the day!
Fri, Mar 25 1:42 PM musikpirat review of Be Cool (Shadow of the Gong Remix) by Shadow of the Gong
Cool mix. But why don't you just let it fade out at the end? The pretty abrupt b...