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Based in Hamburg, Germany, “moolen” is a producer, sound engineer & musician.
He learned to play the trombone when he was 9 years old. First, he played in an orchestra - but was soon bored to play always the same things restricted to sheet music.

So Moolen founded a skaband with his friends in 2006. That was a new experience for him to jam together and not to be restricted to sheet music.
The band recorded a few songs that have never been released - that’s how he got into that audioengineering thing. He also learned to play the guitar by himself at that time.

The band broke up in 2008 - everyone went their own way still being connected to each other for remixing, recording or mastering stuff.

In December 2008, Moolen began to realize his own musical ideas. Having no real “aim” for my music, he was just composing with his mind turned off. He put all the influences (what he previously heard, felt, just everything) into his music. Now, in a retrospective view he says that each drumpattern, guitar riff or pianotheme refers to a special situation, band or song.
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