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Reviews left by misterC

Tue, Sep 4 6:23 PM misterC review of Killah Konflik (lethal injection mix) by shagrugge
Just caught this track on the remix radio - very nice. I'm totally feelin it,...
Mon, Sep 3 6:54 PM misterC review of Paloseco Brazz Muted Trumpet Blues Samples by The Paloseco Brazz Orchestra
Your samples are always superb!
Sun, Sep 2 12:47 PM misterC review of April-TK by Transistor Karma
This is nice, I like.. kept waiting for a beat to drop though :)
Sun, Sep 2 12:40 PM misterC review of militant guitar riff by plurgid
'militant' hits the nail on the head, this is a great sample!
Sun, Sep 2 12:38 PM misterC review of out cello 1 by Sangiano
Beautiful cello, A+ for usability. I'm suprised this one hasn't been sampled ...
Sun, Sep 2 12:37 PM misterC review of 3 funky loops by HC-7
Belated review I know, but gotta give credit where it's due. Great loops man,...
Sun, Sep 2 12:35 PM misterC review of EmptyWorldOrder by Brilliant Orange Object
Just wanted to say thanks for the great samples!
Sat, Aug 25 7:16 PM misterC review of Crazy Love - 3-TPBO by The Paloseco Brazz Orchestra
Very funkay.. man, I'd love to contribute some trombone parts but it would sound...
Tue, Aug 21 7:30 PM misterC review of may (deserted city mix) by places_to_know
Cool concept, I think you got the feel, it's just that the vinyl sounds seem a l...
Tue, Aug 21 7:09 PM misterC review of Waiting for the Rain by narva9
This is very nice. Lots of potential. FYI, I found it syncs at 90bpm much b...
Tue, Aug 21 6:52 PM misterC review of VODKAVILLE by FORENSIC
Very clever.. may have to cook something up for this.
Thu, Jun 7 10:06 PM misterC review of May - bit c mix by Darkroom
Very nice. It's perfect.
Mon, May 28 2:49 AM misterC review of Kickin by Analog By Nature
mmmm... smooth-a-licious. and totally 'kickin'... :)
Wed, May 23 6:54 PM misterC review of Fonik Verse ( acapella ) by Fonik
Hey man - just used this in a mix, had to say thanks. Hope you like what I've...
Wed, May 23 6:12 PM misterC review of O' My Lord (Electric Gospel Mix) by KCentric
K, you never cease to amaze me, I love the driving feel of this one. Makes me...