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Reviews left by latopa

Sun, Feb 8 5:43 PM latopa review of Top of My List by copperhead
funky 70's ...excellent.
Fri, Feb 6 11:31 AM latopa review of Practice Band Practice by Speck
Fri, Feb 6 11:26 AM latopa review of Spacesick by Stefan Kartenberg
sk, always inspired by the way you mix. You deliver original (organic) music eve...
Wed, Feb 4 7:29 PM latopa review of Wolf_Matriarch by Stefan Kartenberg
Man you always surprise SK. A musician with many tricks (hears). You have it all...
Wed, Feb 4 7:15 PM latopa review of She Was Sunny by Speck
the more i hear...the more i learn. thanks speckos for the incredible music you ...
Tue, Feb 3 12:19 PM latopa review of reine du tango by Jeris
Jeris, a great musical tableau that Cirque du Soleil would be proud to have in t...
Tue, Feb 3 12:15 PM latopa review of The CC BY Song by Stefan Kartenberg
crispy clean and funky country at is best
Mon, Feb 2 11:01 AM latopa review of Frivole by robomusic
you got your techno shit together
Mon, Feb 2 10:54 AM latopa review of How Does It Feel To Be Free by Speck
com'on speck spread this (your)....original sound(s). above ccm.
Mon, Feb 2 10:22 AM latopa review of Selkie's Daughter (Mermaids Pride) by Siobhan Dakay
Siobahn, Tears of joy to hear such beautiful emotion(s) you gave on this mix....
Mon, Feb 2 10:04 AM latopa review of Cranes In The Himalayas by rightClk
creative stuff RC with a subliminal message for those who listen
Sat, Jan 31 4:03 PM latopa review of On Wounded Knee by texasradiofish
from 1 to the end....everything kicks ass. But the bass playing (groove) is fn w...
Sat, Jan 31 3:56 PM latopa review of Poesia by Jeris
you specktofiedthis
Sat, Jan 31 3:51 PM latopa review of Promised_Land by Stefan Kartenberg
SK again, you respect the voices you hear...and they sound good
Fri, Jan 30 12:12 PM latopa review of Persephone by Hans Atom
created a great back up band for SF, musicianship, production is