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Reviews left by latopa

Fri, Apr 17 12:18 PM latopa review of Make a Change by unreal_dm
The grooves are authentic and in the pocket...especially the bass playing...funk...
Fri, Apr 17 10:19 AM latopa review of Trifonic - Good Enough (212 Rauh Instrumental) by AndreasRauh
nice and chill. Bienvenido @ ccm. keep them coming)
Fri, Apr 17 10:06 AM latopa review of Slow Cooker by texasradiofish
flawless with musical styles that blend with the incredible voice of scomber. Yo...
Thu, Apr 16 11:49 AM latopa review of Canary Wharf (Maybe once Mix) by Siobhan Dakay
Wall of chords, arrangement...farmony* of sounds and creative music here, a grea...
Sun, Apr 12 12:29 PM latopa review of Ode On A Mammoth Cheese by Speck
Speckos. You deliver and create, again and again... amaze by your imagination. T...
Sat, Apr 4 11:20 PM latopa review of Life Is Too Short (what day is it) by Speck
When Dali meets speckos ( or vs versa)...never ending music and ideas my jedi...
Thu, Mar 12 11:33 AM latopa review of The King by reiswerk
the more you create...the more you better yourself
Thu, Mar 12 11:30 AM latopa review of Learn more by Robbero
you have a cool way to make groovy mixes
Wed, Mar 11 7:49 PM latopa review of Surprise me (take #2) by Zep Hurme
zep, i am at age to testify the 80's. And you honor it....with dignity and es...
Mon, Mar 9 1:44 PM latopa review of Music by Jeris
music is...listening (or feeling for the deaf) beautiful (mix) message of wis...
Mon, Mar 9 1:36 PM latopa review of Don't Get Me Into Trouble (别我我麻烦)\What It Takes To Be Me by pharmacopia
that is like the star wars jam bar scene that lucas should of used:)
Mon, Mar 9 1:28 PM latopa review of LULLABY 1 (Pretty Little Horses) by SackJo22
what to are a deep and consciousness woman sack. continue your quest t...
Mon, Mar 9 12:33 PM latopa review of A Moment Of Clarity by Speck
speckos, like peter gabriel @ 102 yrs!. the groove is specktotronics; like t...
Sat, Mar 7 3:38 PM latopa review of Waiting for a Hero by reiswerk
berlin in the hood...Grazy
Fri, Mar 6 5:25 PM latopa review of A Motherless Child by Zep Hurme
zepafolia of amazing playing. man you dig your drums (and arrangements), as a pe...