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Thu, May 14 3:56 PM latopa review of Only Love by Alex
amazing mix and elector nuance
Thu, May 14 3:49 PM latopa review of Loose Control by Stefan Kartenberg
Pink Floyd comes to my mind on this one
Thu, May 14 3:45 PM latopa review of Martijn's Maratus Dans by Speck
Never squared of dissonance
Thu, May 14 3:33 PM latopa review of Don't Be Scared ft. Christine Autumn by Calling Sister Midnight
love it
Wed, May 13 3:59 PM latopa review of Mr. Sun (Backtrack Bb Major) by Siobhan Dakay
Like the mood (bass), and your groovy perks! the congas sound HUMAN!
Sun, May 10 12:28 PM latopa review of Garnet Wine (Tile Mix) by Siobhan Dakay
Your bass lines and arrangement are incredible. Very impressed by your music
Sun, May 10 12:20 PM latopa review of Burnout Weather by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
No wonder speck digs in yours music
Sun, May 10 12:14 PM latopa review of The Hurricane by mykleanthony
with that arrangement and voice...winner
Sun, May 10 12:06 PM latopa review of Flageolet Away (the blues) by Speck
were is the flageolet?
Tue, May 5 9:44 AM latopa review of Lost - Snowflake & Piero Peluche by Piero Peluche
production, arrangement and great mood with SF voices
Tue, May 5 9:37 AM latopa review of Blue Door by Speck
my first cinematic taught to 237...nightmare. the shining blues!
Sun, May 3 12:18 PM latopa review of Wolf by texasradiofish
Sun, May 3 12:12 PM latopa review of The One (First Emerald) by Doxent Zsigmond
Dz, an amazing euro Pop arrangement. No Billboard top 10...but respect my ccm (m...
Sun, May 3 12:07 PM latopa review of There is no Song - You're Dreaming by jaspertine
some reflective music with a view of the ''moment''
Sun, May 3 11:59 AM latopa review of On the Earth (and of the Tree -- A Grounding Meditation) by AirFlow
Excellent...and to short. More:)