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Wed, Aug 26 2:58 PM latopa review of The Stone And The Wind by Speck
Ennio Morricone...alive and well
Sun, Aug 23 12:58 PM latopa review of The Stone That Counts by Speck
The let alone the music speckos, you deliver
Thu, Aug 20 1:21 PM latopa review of Things Will Be Better by Alex
the art of groove
Wed, Aug 19 1:41 PM latopa review of Modern Love by CSoul
slick Groove and B3
Wed, Aug 19 1:19 PM latopa review of Bluemillenium Groove by Speck
BM, you have been touched by speckos music. And what a job he did to play in you...
Tue, Aug 18 3:16 PM latopa review of Les tapis lovants by diaphane
Dia, La petite fleur of ccm. You gave a poetic subtly version of Roberro visc...
Tue, Aug 18 3:10 PM latopa review of What I see by Robbero
tx to Dia, to make me go back to listen this chill after hour groove, chunky and...
Tue, Aug 18 2:35 PM latopa review of In Love with Me by Stefan Kartenberg
This is spinal tap? When these nutty musicians/actors made this movie (80"s), th...
Tue, Aug 18 2:25 PM latopa review of Feeling Restless by Stefan Kartenberg
get's me back on the best tv... Soprano intro tune intro, great voices speckos, ...
Mon, Aug 17 11:01 AM latopa review of Funk 'n' Jazz by texasradiofish
Back to Chick in the 80's A true musician, TD. A great reminder to all of us....
Mon, Aug 17 10:37 AM latopa review of Paradise Unrealized by Speck
cinematic wonder s&*?, wonder why some independent movie-maker's did not land do...
Mon, Aug 10 11:51 AM latopa review of Eleven Pieces of Eight by texasradiofish
allo..we got a Bernstein 2015 arranger here....amazing music
Mon, Aug 10 11:26 AM latopa review of Deep In The Dust by Speck
you are not human
Mon, Aug 10 11:02 AM latopa review of Spencer The Rover by Stefan Kartenberg
respect to the guit
Mon, Aug 10 10:50 AM latopa review of In My Sky by Hans Atom
shill abstract after hours last tune.