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Sat, Oct 3 9:49 AM latopa review of Swing Afrique by Speck
To retort ccm: While every effort has been made to insure the accuracy of th...
Sat, Oct 3 9:19 AM latopa review of Like you mean it by Sturzstrom
just the intro is killer, the rest is super mixomania
Mon, Sep 28 12:26 PM latopa review of Human Heart Beat by Stefan Kartenberg
wow sk, creative shit
Fri, Sep 25 12:15 PM latopa review of Am I To Watch Nothing by Speck
Listening to radio...from another's point of view...the chanel changes.
Tue, Sep 22 10:52 AM latopa review of Big Drum by Stefan Kartenberg
big mix
Tue, Sep 22 10:48 AM latopa review of 2 Men Blues by Stefan Kartenberg
back to roooooootsgreat guit SK
Tue, Sep 22 9:11 AM latopa review of New Earth by Quarkstar
a gentle giant on this new earth, keep the music QS
Sun, Sep 20 1:14 PM latopa review of Stay by unreal_dm
A Steely Dan homage
Sun, Sep 20 1:08 PM latopa review of What Kind Of Man? by unreal_dm
And the band playsorganic and,live feeling.
Sun, Sep 20 12:54 PM latopa review of Humanity Jazz Funk Doodle by Speck
The brew of speckos
Sat, Sep 19 3:32 PM latopa review of To Be With You (H.L.I.M.) by Siobhan Dakay
HLIM? Bravo to be creative! Amazing, thoughtful arrangement...with all the enc...
Wed, Sep 16 3:31 PM latopa review of Safe by trustno1
TS, wonderful mix, ideas and groove, ambiance. You forgot to blend the voice ...
Sun, Sep 13 5:57 PM latopa review of Red Leaves Cyclops by Speck
red leaves cyclops!!! wtf? wacky title and music. spekos, the game changer, tale...
Sun, Sep 13 5:35 PM latopa review of The Sexiness of 'S' by Stefan Kartenberg
the 7 of the the 70's...great mix SK, brought back memories
Sun, Sep 13 5:31 PM latopa review of Do I Wanna Go Home ( Remix ) by Dysfunction_AL
root 66 tech-music