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Reviews left by latopa

Sun, Jan 3 6:54 PM latopa review of The Session by Donnie Ozone
Glad your are still cooking DOZ. keep on the cm
Fri, Jan 1 2:19 PM latopa review of All Comes to Life by Snowflake
SF, Bono (U2) would be fn proud to play your ccm mix. You managed to make it you...
Fri, Jan 1 2:02 PM latopa review of The Ghosts Are Here .... by VickyDan
My 1st 2016 ccm tune, and a great one. CGB,an angel voice. ps:VD, @ 3/4 of yo...
Mon, Dec 28 12:11 PM latopa review of This Winter by Zep Hurme
A beautiful hommage to SF and our fourth season. Zep, please make a 70's rend...
Thu, Dec 24 2:23 PM latopa review of The Ghosts Are Here by Siobhan Dakay
It's Christmas, and wanted to hear fresh music. Tx SD. You touched my hears and...
Wed, Dec 23 2:05 PM latopa review of planeador de escombreries by punk_cuadecuc
Have to acknowledge...a dark speck here?
Wed, Dec 23 2:00 PM latopa review of Maman Noël 2015 by Bluemillenium
Never forget maman.
Sun, Dec 20 2:21 PM latopa review of This Winter by Doxent Zsigmond
just love of music and respect to SN
Sun, Dec 20 1:56 PM latopa review of So Long 2015 by Speck
It's been a year of greed and fear" Speckos. you nailed the pulse of the stup...
Wed, Dec 16 1:23 PM latopa review of And I wish by Loveshadow
This one is a diamond Mix...cut to the fractions. Your productions are gettin...
Wed, Dec 16 12:54 PM latopa review of Jingle Bells by Stefan Kartenberg
Never get tired of the classics...you made a great honor to James Lord Pierpont....
Mon, Dec 14 1:55 PM latopa review of Deep House by Robbero
you are a great dj, to make these mix
Mon, Dec 14 1:47 PM latopa review of EARTH IS BURNT by THE_CONCEPT_OF_ENERGY
just the bass groove yes
Mon, Dec 14 1:27 PM latopa review of We are small by offlinebouncer
great pick M.Panu. OB; what a sensitive song. Someone has to pick up on this...
Tue, Dec 8 1:28 PM latopa review of I.M.U by Robbero
You've got the house RB. Always in your form to do what you like and deliver it...