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Reviews left by i_rebel

Thu, Apr 22 5:15 AM i_rebel review of bicycle by airtone
Thank you! This is really a catchy vibe, love it! You added a lot of harmony to ...
Sun, Mar 21 11:21 AM i_rebel review of Save the world with the bicycle by Stefan Kartenberg
Simply love it!You done so good,a wonderful warm vibe...Give thanks
Wed, Sep 18 12:46 AM i_rebel review of Leaving Babylon by Zep Hurme
Give thanks Zep, this one made my day. Your mix is full up positive energy...100...
Mon, Nov 28 10:48 AM i_rebel review of Stop war inna Syria by Stefan Kartenberg
Sehr schön...dieser Samba-reggae ist Dir gut gelungen.Danke!
Thu, Oct 22 12:58 AM i_rebel review of Beat down Babylon by reiswerk
So me like it :) Lieblicher RMX, schöner stop & go Modus. Respects!
Thu, Oct 22 12:54 AM i_rebel review of Beat down babylon by Stefan Kartenberg
Big up und DANKE! Dieser RMX macht Spaß...wer sagt, i.rebel kann keinen Rock? D...
Wed, Oct 14 11:53 PM i_rebel review of Tinx globally by reiswerk
Yes i!Eine wirklich liebliche Version, bitter sweet...sehr gute Arbeit! Bless
Wed, Oct 14 11:50 PM i_rebel review of I Rebel want new Stile by reiswerk
Großartig! Excellente Arbeit, der unplugged Vibe....beeindruckend! Wikid! Bless
Wed, Oct 14 11:47 PM i_rebel review of More, more, more,...feat. i_rebel by reiswerk
Danke für diesen positiven Mix....gefällt echt.Bless
Wed, Oct 14 11:42 PM i_rebel review of Easin' On (new stile dub) by Speck
Nice work, fresh & heavy. Give thanks!
Sun, Aug 26 10:10 AM i_rebel review of Tink Globally by Jeris
Lovely! Though i don´t feel the vocal in time with the riddim s.t. :) You´ve c...
Sun, Aug 26 10:05 AM i_rebel review of 1033 by Vidian
This is splendid mix-thanx you took the track...droegenbwoys feel honoured!