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Happy feet forever

Jobs that demands standing for hours such as cabin crew staff, sales job and mineworkers can have tired, sore feet. Your high heel shoes can make feet sore and tired too. Ignoring the agony of your feet can land you in a big trouble. There are simple ways to treat tired, sore and swollen feet. Take time off to treat them well and turn them into happy feet.

Foot soaks work great
A simple method of soaking feet in hot water works great. Add some salt in a bucket of hot water. Dip your feet in the water and feel instant soothing effect. This is very simple remedy to try anytime of the day.

Essential oils therapy
Add few drops of essential oils such as rosemary oil, peppermint oil and eucalyptus oil in hot water and soak your feet in that water. Essential oils soothe your tired, sore and aching feet and give quick relief.

Foot massage
If you aren’t good in doing foot massage, visit spa or massage parlor. Once a month pamper yourself with full body or foot massage. Massage is one of the great ways to treat sore and aching feet.

Stretching exercises
Try some stretching exercises for your feet, it relieves tensed muscles and improves blood circulation around your sore feet. Swimming, yoga and cycling are other ways to improve blood circulation.

Consider your diet
Absence of some essential nutrients in your diet can result in tired feet. Eat more leafy vegetables and fresh fruits. Your diet should include lots of proteins, fibers and other necessary nutrients.

Drink lots of water
Dehydration can cause cramps and foot sprains. Drink lots of water throughout the day that will keep your body hydrated resulting in less cramps and sprains.

Check your shoes
Ill-fitting and high heel shoes often cause foot pain. Wear shoes which are comfortable to wear. Shoes should be wide and long enough to slip on whenever you wear them. Avoid wearing high heels or try to wear them less. Invest purchasing some comfortable, flat shoes.

Relax your feet time to time
Standing long hours contribute to sore and tired feet. Avoid standing for hours and if not possible sit down in between to relax your feet and elevate your feet for some time. Avoid walking or standing on concrete or hard floors for longer duration that can make your feet tired.

If continues your feet pain, see your doctor.

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