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Fri, Oct 31 9:41 PM El.ector review of Im tha Shit by DURDEN
esto esta muy bueno!
Sun, Dec 23 9:25 AM El.ector review of Dying on the Vine by Robert Warrington
what a surprise! to listen to some material i thought no one would ever re.liste...
Mon, Aug 27 3:51 PM El.ector review of I'm Ready by Alex
The mix wizard. this mix is so tasty. love the glockenspiel/synthetic melodies t...
Sun, Mar 27 8:04 PM El.ector review of Red Carpet Please! by ScOmBer
OOH this is delicious!! ear candy.. a shower tune to sync my soap rubs! nice gr...
Mon, Feb 28 3:51 PM El.ector review of Music Therapy by morgantj
Whoao! this is amazing man! What a technique.. what ! and composition! love it.
Fri, Feb 18 7:04 AM El.ector review of pROgraM vs. Us3R by morgantj
Whoa! what an amazing ride! i just wanna strap on my rollerblades and have a lit...
Mon, Feb 7 3:21 PM El.ector review of See You Later by Pitx
This is great! Is my new swing in the hammack song!.. what a great mix!
Fri, Jan 28 10:43 AM El.ector review of This Moment by Speck
Sun, Jun 20 7:59 AM El.ector review of Superbad Chocolate Box by copperhead
clean mix. funkalicious
Mon, May 3 9:37 PM El.ector review of the careless whisper by Speck
wow. this is great. what a great blend of familiar elements. in a way i couldnt ...
Tue, Apr 20 1:35 PM El.ector review of This too shall pass by morgantj
wow man this is so inspiring! i love your composition! great to have you arround...
Tue, Apr 20 1:18 AM El.ector review of Trifonic-Lies (Suma's Shattrd Mix) by DubFiyah Music
wow. great job. ! beautiful breaks.
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