Reviews left by duckett

Mon, Nov 7 2:12 AM duckett review of Rise (Remix) by Robbero
I was halfway expecting a hip-hop twist from a Robbero remix, but this is a nice...
Mon, Nov 7 2:08 AM duckett review of Reuse Noise - With The Light (cdk Mix) by Analog By Nature
Seamless and pro, as usual- earworm for sure.
Mon, Nov 7 2:04 AM duckett review of Don't Flake Out by Admiral Bob
3 hours, eh? Imagine if you's had a whole day.. great job, rescue remix or no.
Wed, Nov 2 3:22 PM duckett review of Disconnected by Alex
Sorry for the delay in reviewing- as others have said, top notch stuff! Congrats...
Sun, May 8 2:27 PM duckett review of Wired But Disconnected by Aussens@iter
Wonderful to hear the acapella used for a completely new take on the song... as ...
Thu, Apr 28 8:34 PM duckett review of Deez Bells by Speck
Many thanks for including not just one, but two Duckett noises in this- a gre...
Sun, Nov 15 9:43 PM duckett review of So Much is Wrong by gurdonark
Another masterful combination of the deeply personal and universal with a minimu...
Sun, Nov 15 9:34 PM duckett review of Change Something by Speck
An evolving yet serene caravan
Sun, Nov 15 9:22 PM duckett review of Carosone - The Gigolo Song (cdk Remix) by Analog By Nature
Tight n' tasty!
Sun, Nov 15 9:19 PM duckett review of Funky Deep (Headphone) by fourstones
Has that fourstones combination of solidity + clarity.
Sun, Nov 15 7:00 PM duckett review of Duckett Collage (Wired but Disconnected Mix) by spinningmerkaba
What a blast! Love how you chopped things up and kept things playful yet funky.....
Mon, Sep 7 10:37 PM duckett review of Funk 'n' Jazz by texasradiofish
Purty tight n' nasty groove there fellas
Mon, Sep 7 9:51 PM duckett review of pink granite coast by urmymuse
That lead guitar line reminds me of The Sundays' "Here's Where The Story Ends" f...
Mon, Sep 7 9:26 PM duckett review of Nocturnal by Doxent Zsigmond
I wish I could just sit down at a piano and come up with something like this..
Mon, Sep 7 9:13 PM duckett review of Hyperdrive by logos
Ending-credits-music for an 80's action series pilot episode that never was ;-)