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Reviews left by J.Lang

Sun, Dec 22 9:32 AM J.Lang review of Silent Night (Women's Choir) by Snowflake
Fri, Dec 20 8:06 PM J.Lang review of Silent Night (Snowflake and Martijn de Boer mix) by Speck
Sweet and peaceful well done.
Fri, Dec 20 8:04 PM J.Lang review of From The Folks On The Street by Radioontheshelf
Well dissevered ED Pick
Sun, Dec 15 12:28 PM J.Lang review of Up on the Housetop by Stefan Kartenberg
Wed, Nov 27 11:51 AM J.Lang review of Paper Hearts (live in Bayreuth) by Siobhan Dakay
Amazing mix. Very Very Nice !!!!
Wed, Nov 27 11:45 AM J.Lang review of Duckett|Kungfu|Stop by Joel Frijters
Kool Very Kool
Wed, Nov 27 11:40 AM J.Lang review of On The Airtone by Jonatha Chance
Wed, Nov 27 11:37 AM J.Lang review of Just Breathe - djLangUAGE Remix by shimoda
Ear Candy !!! Love it. Thank you for the smile
Wed, Nov 27 11:32 AM J.Lang review of A Horror Story (Sort of) by Mana Junkie
Full of energy indeed. I love your choice of sounds. Very Cool
Sun, Nov 24 10:24 AM J.Lang review of One True Mother by Speck
Very Cool Speck. Never would I have guessed this was Loveshadow samples.
Sun, Nov 24 10:13 AM J.Lang review of the reason by panu
very nice
Sun, Nov 24 10:01 AM J.Lang review of reNovation by airtone
Nobody does Chill music like you. My hat off to you Sir.
Sun, Nov 24 9:58 AM J.Lang review of Blue Sky Blues by Kara Square
Nice work Kara. I'd love to see and AB play this out live.
Sun, Nov 24 9:04 AM J.Lang review of Somebody We Know by Loveshadow
pop country mix.... sweet
Sun, Nov 10 5:54 PM J.Lang review of Saturday Night Fly by Scomber