J.Lang (djlang59):

Reviews left by J.Lang

Wed, Sep 2 12:05 PM J.Lang review of Broadway by ScOmBer
Fri, Aug 28 12:24 PM J.Lang review of THE KING ALFRED PLAN by Ismail Mahmuti
Much respect. Nice mix
Fri, Aug 28 12:22 PM J.Lang review of am i too late by panu
Love It
Fri, Aug 28 12:16 PM J.Lang review of Little Brown Jug by Apoxode
We may have to change your name to the sample king. this is Awesome
Fri, Aug 28 12:13 PM J.Lang review of Coffee & Lullabies by raja_ffm
Very Very Nice
Fri, Aug 28 12:00 PM J.Lang review of Still Love You. by Loveshadow
Wed, Aug 19 11:59 AM J.Lang review of synth-drums-guitar xxx by panu
very chill
Sun, Aug 9 12:22 PM J.Lang review of Talkn 'bout the weather by ScOmBer
Funky fo sho !!! very nice sir.
Sun, Aug 9 12:19 PM J.Lang review of Once Upon a Time by Dysfunction_AL
Nice Al.
Sun, Aug 9 12:14 PM J.Lang review of 100 Million Souls by Zep Hurme
Smooth and funky with a rock edge. Nice production, clean mix. Your drums are al...
Sun, Aug 9 12:03 PM J.Lang review of One Love, One Heart by texasradiofish
One Love, Very Cool
Tue, Aug 4 12:30 PM J.Lang review of 40 Days 40 Nights by reiswerk
Very nice take on this pella.
Mon, Aug 3 3:22 PM J.Lang review of say their names by panu
Great mix and your lyrics really bring it to another level.
Sat, Aug 1 11:01 AM J.Lang review of Count On Me [The Last Starfighter Remix] by Jihfa
Old school and new school vibe at the sometime. Very Nice.
Sat, Aug 1 10:56 AM J.Lang review of Coffee & Lullabies by Dan_Mantau
Very nice. Gives me a bit of 70's and 90's rock vibe to it. Sweet !!!!