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Reviews left by J.Lang

Thu, Feb 23 3:18 PM J.Lang review of Baptism (Words Mix) by vo1k1
Still catching up with my listening of all the Secret Mixter songs and i'm so ha...
Thu, Feb 23 3:08 PM J.Lang review of Two Guitars by Admiral Bob
Getting over a head cold, getting my ears back and grooving to this track. Very ...
Mon, Feb 20 7:02 AM J.Lang review of LeapMeith (Secret Cubism Mix) by duckett
Beautiful track Duckett.
Mon, Feb 20 6:56 AM J.Lang review of Love Came To Mind by CSoul
Congrats on the Ed Pick, very well deserved. Backing track and vocals are top no...
Mon, Feb 20 6:49 AM J.Lang review of Scars by Kara Square
Very Nice. I like the two vocals and the music is just a sweet.
Mon, Feb 20 6:42 AM J.Lang review of Detachment by Snowflake
Love the groove on this. Sweet Piano line, the bass the reverse efx and drum tra...
Sun, Feb 19 3:41 PM J.Lang review of Lips That Would Comply by Clarence Simpson
To Quote K "Brilliant track" Very well done. Great production. Very Impressive....
Sun, Feb 19 1:25 PM J.Lang review of Follow My Footsteps: A Song Collage (ft Spinningmerkaba) by SackJo22
Listing with head phone on the iPhone and it sounds great. Very well done.
Sun, Feb 19 11:16 AM J.Lang review of Abstract jam session by TheDICE
Nice work Dice. Clean Mix, Love that Bass, sweet drums, very nice guitar and syn...
Sun, Feb 19 11:09 AM J.Lang review of Start Each Day With Love by Alex
A well deserved Ed Pick. BeautifulTrack Alex. : )
Sun, Feb 19 11:02 AM J.Lang review of Broken (Leap Of The Heart) by 7OOP3D
Beautiful Piano, Really nice treatment of the vocals. Love that Drum Track.. Swe...
Sun, Feb 19 10:46 AM J.Lang review of I Won't Play by Admiral Bob
If wasn't Ed picked already i would have. Wow .... Just Wow !!
Sun, Feb 19 8:40 AM J.Lang review of Luv Em or Leave Em by copperhead
Very Cool and times very sexy. I can see myself dance with my wife to this. This...
Sun, Feb 19 8:34 AM J.Lang review of Just Breathe by Platinum Butterfly
Ok I really Lucked out today. Two Remixes !!! Wow. Thanks PB. I love the way yo...
Sun, Feb 19 8:27 AM J.Lang review of Where Did The Love Go (dubmetal mix) by Platinum Butterfly
Excellent remix! I love your treatment to the vocals and the way you synced them...