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J.Lang (djlang59):

Reviews left by J.Lang

Wed, Oct 14 1:15 PM J.Lang review of scarey song by BeatMachine
Thanks for adding me on this Scary cool mix.
Wed, Oct 7 12:43 PM J.Lang review of What it feels like dying by Scomber
This is so cool. Love the bass and piano. Well done Scomber
Wed, Oct 7 12:29 PM J.Lang review of There is a Sound by Apoxode
Very Nice . I love the feed back from everyone. I love suggestion on how to impr...
Sun, Sep 20 9:19 AM J.Lang review of I'd Still Love You by Alex
Very Nice Alex
Sat, Sep 19 11:25 AM J.Lang review of 42 minus (plus 1) by musikpirat
I enjoyed your last remix but this one has a more of a hip hop feel. Nice
Sat, Sep 19 10:43 AM J.Lang review of Broadway by texasradiofish
Well done. I'm digging that blues, soulful down home cooking you got going on.
Sat, Sep 19 10:33 AM J.Lang review of Supersonic Whispers by Zep Hurme
Nice Mix
Tue, Sep 15 1:36 PM J.Lang review of get looped xxx by panu
Just like everyone else I had to double check the name on this. Very impressive....
Sun, Sep 13 3:47 PM J.Lang review of Timeout by bangcorrupt
This track gives me a 90's hip Hop feel. I can hear Gang Star or A tribe Called ...
Sun, Sep 13 3:42 PM J.Lang review of Fire Fly by Scomber
Dance floor magic. I can almost see Fireflies dancing to the groove.
Sun, Sep 13 11:37 AM J.Lang review of Firefly's Candy by Whitewolf
Funky and jazzy. That flute reminds me of Bobbie Humphrey with that jazzy funky ...
Sun, Sep 13 11:31 AM J.Lang review of Moonlight Out of the Sky by Down With Ben
Nice job with her vocals. Great Mix. I love love that piano.
Sun, Sep 13 11:19 AM J.Lang review of adrift by airtone
You never disappoint. Very Chill and very Kool
Sun, Sep 13 11:15 AM J.Lang review of Je ne peux pas le retenir by Bluemillenium
Old school Funk
Sun, Sep 13 9:56 AM J.Lang review of Wanderer (Take 2) by Admiral Bob
Great guitar work as always. The combination of you and Sackjo is awesome.