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Wed, May 1 8:53 AM J.Lang review of Apprentice by Carosone
Wow This is ART. Love your take on this pella. I use RipX to get vocal stems but...
Wed, May 1 8:47 AM J.Lang review of Heading out with MJ by ScOmBer
Sounds Like a funky 80's groove. Love it.
Sun, Apr 28 7:46 AM J.Lang review of SPROUT by Ant.Survila
Very nice
Sun, Apr 28 7:39 AM J.Lang review of A Channel by Snowflake
Fri, Apr 26 12:00 PM J.Lang review of Scomber On Safari by Radioontheshelf
Her Vocals with Scomber Flow nice together. Very Well Done Sir.
Fri, Apr 26 7:54 AM J.Lang review of A LONG DISTANCE FROM OSLO by Bocrew
THat bass line is killer. I'm digging this track.
Sun, Feb 26 10:00 AM J.Lang review of Dove by SackJo22
It has a Sade vibe to it. Chill Jazzy vibe. Love It !!!!!!!
Sun, Feb 26 9:52 AM J.Lang review of J.Lang Industries by Apoxode
Apoxode thank you for the remix. Got Me Dance all over the house.
Sun, Feb 26 9:50 AM J.Lang review of The Ladder by 7OOP3D
FIRE !!!!!!!!
Sun, Feb 26 9:46 AM J.Lang review of Morning Mysteries by Darkroom
Sounds Like you were digging in the crates and found sample gold.
Sun, Feb 26 9:42 AM J.Lang review of Blue Moon Perspectives by spinningmerkaba
This Track is SWEET. The drums grabs me and keep my head bopping but yet its a v...
Sun, Feb 26 9:37 AM J.Lang review of I Breathe by Snowflake
Well Deserved Ed Pic
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