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Sun, Apr 5 4:46 PM J.Lang review of Gravity and Grace (with My Free Mickey) by SackJo22
Well Done SackJo22
Sun, Apr 5 11:12 AM J.Lang review of Isopropyl Fumes ft. Loveshadow by Apoxode
Your work always leaves me with a smile on my face. love the mix and production...
Sun, Apr 5 11:07 AM J.Lang review of Kara's Wise Counsel (Numbers) by duckett
Leave it alone Ducket. It's beautiful and perfect.
Sun, Apr 5 10:59 AM J.Lang review of SUPERPOWER (feat Siobhan Dakay) by Loveshadow
I love our secret mixter time. It take a lot of us out of our comfort zone and m...
Sun, Apr 5 10:45 AM J.Lang review of Sitting in the empty house by Siobhan Dakay
This is so good. Great production and Mix nice job
Sun, Apr 5 10:30 AM J.Lang review of resonance by airtone
Sweet and peaceful.
Sun, Apr 5 10:09 AM J.Lang review of Optical delusion (feat.urmymuse) by Martin Cee (softmartin)
Sun, Apr 5 10:04 AM J.Lang review of Deranged Connection by 7OOP3D
Great Tune, Great Mix and top of the line production. Like Kara said powerful !!...
Sun, Apr 5 9:56 AM J.Lang review of fish in the deep sea water ft djlang by urmymuse
Wow and thank you. Love what you've added from the vocals to the extra icing on ...
Sun, Apr 5 8:55 AM J.Lang review of Memories of Better Times by gurdonark
Creative, Relaxing and very enjoyable.
Sun, Apr 5 8:34 AM J.Lang review of Social Distancing (Extended Mix) (w/ Darkroom) by Whitewolf
I Pray your mom will be ok. Deep track.
Sun, Apr 5 8:30 AM J.Lang review of Coming Home by Snowflake
What a great Track!!! Deep message with a beat that makes you want to dance. I t...
Thu, Apr 2 7:21 PM J.Lang review of Don't Be Afraid by Loveshadow
On my 5th listen and it never get's old. Wow !!!
Thu, Apr 2 5:11 PM J.Lang review of Pandemic by millaze
Thank you for sharing. Very sad and beautiful.
Wed, Apr 1 12:24 PM J.Lang review of Lockdown_Song by Stefan Kartenberg