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J.Lang (djlang59):

Reviews left by J.Lang

Sun, Nov 10 5:54 PM J.Lang review of Saturday Night Fly by Scomber
Sun, Nov 10 5:51 PM J.Lang review of The Storm by K
Killer beat indeed. The raper on the track is my cousin Mikey D
Tue, Oct 29 8:00 PM J.Lang review of Shelter Me by Zep Hurme
Sun, Oct 27 4:38 PM J.Lang review of Living Music by Apoxode
Sun, Oct 27 4:36 PM J.Lang review of Dont Stop ! ( Da Booty Shaker ) by Rizkey G
Gap Bandish feel with that bass. Nice nice nice
Sat, Oct 19 11:56 AM J.Lang review of Billions of stars by Dysfunction_AL
This is Sweet.
Sat, Oct 19 11:49 AM J.Lang review of Shelter by texasradiofish
Soulful and Kool.
Fri, Oct 4 7:03 PM J.Lang review of By The Grace Of This Beauty by Loveshadow
Love your treatment of the vocals on this. Top notch my friend.
Fri, Oct 4 6:41 PM J.Lang review of The River by texasradiofish
Much respect. This my friend is Very Very Nice.
Fri, Oct 4 6:38 PM J.Lang review of another perspective by panu
Very Beautiful
Sun, Sep 29 8:53 AM J.Lang review of Tiny Spaceships by Hans Atom
This is Awesome !!!
Fri, Sep 27 7:40 AM J.Lang review of Living Secrets by Apoxode
Very Nice.
Wed, Sep 18 5:23 PM J.Lang review of I get what you say by phildann
Nice, love the guitar work.
Wed, Sep 18 2:18 PM J.Lang review of Voice of a Stream by texasradiofish
Very nice , I love the middle eastern sounds
Sat, Sep 14 3:02 PM J.Lang review of what you see by Martin Cee (softmartin)