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Reviews left by ColdFoot

Mon, Mar 13 6:14 AM ColdFoot review of IN PEACE - SNOWFLAKE (RAMSEYSOUNDS REMIX 2016) by ramseysounds1_
mamma mia.This is excellent. Many people just not have had the joy of ripping th...
Mon, Mar 13 5:51 AM ColdFoot review of What Is This Love Of by Speck
Utter complete chaos theory. The kind of state after slowly waking up from a dee...
Mon, Mar 13 5:21 AM ColdFoot review of Democrazy by Stefan Kartenberg
Luvin' the industrial sound, werksgreat
Mon, Mar 13 4:55 AM ColdFoot review of Keep The Silence - Mandyleigh Storm (RamseySounds Remix) by ramseysounds1_
Great stuff. You def nailed the essence of good ol' high NRG Italo disco beats. ...
Mon, Feb 20 12:48 AM ColdFoot review of Falling (You And I) by Siobhan Dakay
One of those tracks that leave me feeling..., wow anyhoo extremely pretty track
Sat, Jan 21 4:24 PM ColdFoot review of Anywhere, Everywhere by Stefan Kartenberg
Good one indeed, nice choice on the wind, has a Difranco essence
Sat, Jan 21 3:47 PM ColdFoot review of Anywhere, Everywhere by Kara Square
Lovely ditty, rings a mellow yet happy insightful vibe, looking forward to this,...
Fri, Jan 20 7:17 AM ColdFoot review of Blind Love Dub by Jeris
very, special/ authentic/ originally unique/ yadiyada...great stuff, much enjoye...
Fri, Jan 13 5:28 AM ColdFoot review of Into The Deep Blue View (Is There Anyone Out There) by Speck
Is a tricky one to define. Wow. Pass that pipe over here please