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Reviews left by Awkward_tom

Wed, Aug 5 2:33 PM Awkward_tom review of Try not to take the lord's name... by reiswerk
made me smile - thanks :)
Tue, Mar 13 4:27 PM Awkward_tom review of Fading Things (cdk NCI mix) by Analog By Nature
love the guitars on this (+ Bobs voice obviously) would you post the stems for t...
Tue, Mar 13 1:22 PM Awkward_tom review of Broken (cdk Dark DubStep Mix) by Analog By Nature
this is great!, love the dubbed out vibe. The vocal chops and delays are sweet, ...
Sun, Mar 11 2:16 PM Awkward_tom review of In Muzik by texasradiofish
bass & drums have got some swing going on ! oh yeah - very sweet mix too
Wed, Apr 27 4:39 PM Awkward_tom review of Emergence (version2) by Bluemillenium
mix is good which is hard to pull off with many layers of synths going on
Wed, Apr 27 4:32 PM Awkward_tom review of Like Music by Alex
shades of pal van dyke, like your style man. excellent production and arrangemen...
Wed, Apr 27 4:29 PM Awkward_tom review of November Spawned a Flower by PappaSpanx
like the style of this, nice distorted, bitcrushed sounds against a warm collage...
Wed, Apr 20 4:39 PM Awkward_tom review of cool guy by FORENSIC
like this alot ! inspired me to lay some beats down
Mon, Apr 18 11:38 AM Awkward_tom review of Check Your Tags by Alex
huge sounding spaceous mix - beats sit well with pella - sweet
Sun, Aug 15 3:55 AM Awkward_tom review of Shame (Blush Mix) by commmorancy
quite frankly the best combination of song & acapella i have heard so far! This ...
Sun, Aug 15 3:45 AM Awkward_tom review of Lamplwirtsteich - Folge01 - Die Oberfläche der Stadt by awfulTHEaudio
strangely entertaining & very unique yeah i like this
Sat, Aug 14 1:43 PM Awkward_tom review of BorderLine (chandu electric mix) by Chandan Boruah
i like the "dirt" in this - cool bline and synth melody- suits the vocal well