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Sun, Aug 6 3:41 AM Awkward_tom review of G O T T A G E T U P by SO SHA
Nice tune, happy vibe and very sweet mix 👍
Wed, Aug 5 2:33 PM Awkward_tom review of Try not to take the lord's name... by reiswerk
made me smile - thanks :)
Tue, Mar 13 4:27 PM Awkward_tom review of Fading Things (cdk NCI mix) by cdk
love the guitars on this (+ Bobs voice obviously) would you post the stems for t...
Tue, Mar 13 1:22 PM Awkward_tom review of Broken (cdk Dark DubStep Mix) by cdk
this is great!, love the dubbed out vibe. The vocal chops and delays are sweet, ...
Sun, Mar 11 2:16 PM Awkward_tom review of In Muzik by texasradiofish
bass & drums have got some swing going on ! oh yeah - very sweet mix too
Wed, Apr 27 4:39 PM Awkward_tom review of Emergence (version2) by Bluemillenium
mix is good which is hard to pull off with many layers of synths going on
Wed, Apr 27 4:32 PM Awkward_tom review of Like Music by Alex
shades of pal van dyke, like your style man. excellent production and arrangemen...
Wed, Apr 27 4:29 PM Awkward_tom review of November Spawned a Flower by PappaSpanx
like the style of this, nice distorted, bitcrushed sounds against a warm collage...
Wed, Apr 20 4:39 PM Awkward_tom review of cool guy by FORENSIC
like this alot ! inspired me to lay some beats down
Mon, Apr 18 11:38 AM Awkward_tom review of Check Your Tags by Alex
huge sounding spaceous mix - beats sit well with pella - sweet
Sun, Aug 15 3:55 AM Awkward_tom review of Shame (Blush Mix) by commmorancy
quite frankly the best combination of song & acapella i have heard so far! This ...
Sun, Aug 15 3:45 AM Awkward_tom review of Lamplwirtsteich - Folge01 - Die Oberfläche der Stadt by awfulTHEaudio
strangely entertaining & very unique yeah i like this
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