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hola! i’m aka!

*sigh* it sounds perfect that way but sadly the reality is that the name’s a.k.a. (also known as) and not aka (japanese for red?) so it doesn’t sound cool and rhymish as you’d think… altho i’ve gotten used to saying aka for short so maybe it should be pronounced aka…?

well as you can see i ramble xP… and use faces… and “…”s

i have a Home Page URL but me and a friend are working on another one. so… i don’t want to put it down til it’s all fresh and ready. oh and i’m calling myself a.k.a. because of the several aliases i’ve developed on different sites… hoping this is the last one that rounds them all up (ack rambling)

*sigh* i’m also a big procrastinator and completely lazy, and after several minutes of all this rambling i can’t think of anything to write that describes me… so for now i guess this is it! and i apologize for the big let down XD
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Thu, Oct 12, 2006
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