Ocean Dreams Music Event

Reviews left by Vidian

Thu, May 5 9:52 AM Vidian review of Artificial (scmixer unrealistic dance mix) by s.c.mixer
Haha Yaay! :D
Thu, May 5 9:50 AM Vidian review of Matter Of Time by stellarartwars
Any happy song gets an A from me :D It reminds me of the Wicked soundtrack :D
Thu, May 5 9:47 AM Vidian review of F### 'em by Alex
This is amazing. The music and words.. flow together so perfectly.. You feel so ...
Thu, May 5 9:36 AM Vidian review of From the Root by gurdonark
I think it takes a certain extrasensory skill to make a song like this. I Envy y...
Thu, May 5 9:30 AM Vidian review of persist by urmymuse
That's Bad ass :D
Thu, May 5 9:23 AM Vidian review of SATR (ThisIsImportantMix) by duckett
I really like this :D The message is so true, Everyone should here this :D
Mon, Apr 25 7:20 PM Vidian review of We are Free (at the Root) by Snowflake
Omg, The Orgy of sounds at every beat strike is intriguing. So much original sou...
Sun, Mar 27 5:35 PM Vidian review of The Boy Loves by SackJo22
Hay :D This is awesome! I'm so glad you got me... The Lyrics were very personal....
Mon, Feb 28 10:15 AM Vidian review of Electric bass loop in Glitch machine by greg_baumont
List of one sample I like -This
Mon, Feb 28 10:13 AM Vidian review of Y (Instrumental) by YEIZON
Mon, Feb 28 10:09 AM Vidian review of Truth and Fact - Vocals, Guitar, + by Kara Square
wow. You're actually really talented. Good ear :D
Sat, Feb 19 3:55 PM Vidian review of Insatiable vocal by CiggiBurns
Your vocals hurt me. Thanks for the emotional response. Reminding me I'm ali...