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Sun, Mar 6 2:38 PM Jeris review of Dry Splashes Of Words by Speck
Very cool, if your gear wanted to come to life and make music on its own when yo...
Sun, Mar 6 2:16 PM Jeris review of Jammin with Jeris and unreal_dm by Admiral Bob
That was SMOKIN!!! I knew it would be! You gotta change the title though to J...
Sun, Mar 6 10:16 AM Jeris review of Let That Monkey Be by Kara Square
That's what ccM is all about : ) cheers
Sun, Mar 6 6:26 AM Jeris review of The Golden Calf by Admiral Bob
Love it! gritty, the attitude of the guitar and bass is perfect for this. Hearin...
Sun, Mar 6 5:25 AM Jeris review of Mystic Piano by debbizo
hah, what are the picked the last thing I posted and the next thing ...
Sat, Mar 5 9:10 PM Jeris review of On The Beach (At Night) by Pitx
Perfect name for this! This was a joy to listen to :)
Thu, Mar 3 8:01 PM Jeris review of Love Is What's Missing by Clarence Simpson
Love the attitude on this...whatever works, works ...and this works for me :)
Thu, Mar 3 7:41 PM Jeris review of Changing Survey by onlymeith
Nice work, you managed to give the samples they're own space.
Thu, Mar 3 7:21 PM Jeris review of The Acorns. Seedin Time in The Oak Room. by Loveshadow
Fantastic, Loveshadow! I think this may be my fav as well.
Thu, Mar 3 7:17 PM Jeris review of Blood, Sweat and Years by texasradiofish
Love it! Great work guys!
Tue, Mar 1 6:22 PM Jeris review of Truth and Fact by unreal_dm
Really polished sound!
Sun, Feb 27 9:42 AM Jeris review of Let That Monkey Be by Admiral Bob
Thanks, that made me smile. :) Great lyrics. Check out this TED talk, it's a...
Sat, Feb 26 4:11 PM Jeris review of moOn LIght by Loveshadow
That was fantastic!!! Earth cradling music. Interesting compliment to Winter ...
Sun, Feb 20 8:37 PM Jeris review of Ever, Forever (piano waltz, var. 02) by Calling Sister Midnight
Sun, Feb 20 7:56 PM Jeris review of MiSS U :-( by Loveshadow
I like it! I've never had someone remix me, I'm usually the one doing the remixi...
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