Reviews left by TheDICE

Sun, Sep 15 9:11 AM TheDICE review of Too Depressed for the Ukulele (Featuring Friends) by Kara Square
Amazing song, i love it! I'm glad to be included in this track! Thanks for uplo...
Sun, Sep 15 6:01 AM TheDICE review of Alice In the City by Orrisroot
really beautiful...
Sun, Sep 15 5:57 AM TheDICE review of Alice In the City by CSoul
Very trippy :) and well done. I enjoyed the mix! Beautiful voice thanks for us...
Sun, Sep 15 5:53 AM TheDICE review of Traffic by unreal_dm
a pro arrangement, really well done
Sun, Sep 15 5:25 AM TheDICE review of MMTMMP 25 Star Gazing in the Moonlight by Mind Map That Music Map Podcast
i really like your introductions :)) congrats
Sat, Sep 7 5:55 AM TheDICE review of Contemplations by _ghost
wonderful music
Sat, Sep 7 5:51 AM TheDICE review of This Is The Age Of Cocaine by stellarartwars
Amazing sound. Really enjoyed the song
Fri, Sep 6 4:56 PM TheDICE review of Baby Come ;-) by Loveshadow
Amazing music!! i love it. really cool
Fri, Sep 6 3:56 PM TheDICE review of The Great Ukulele Space Spar by Kara Square
Wow, even without the drums is excellent. Really a cool composition, Kara. I lik...
Fri, Sep 6 7:40 AM TheDICE review of boyBITCH "Where Ever" (Lionskull REMIX) by Conor Scullion
Amazing remix, really well done. Great work
Fri, Sep 6 7:36 AM TheDICE review of Szeder/Gratitude by Quarkstar
The drums are very unexpected, i like very much. And I like a lot the melodies, ...
Fri, Sep 6 7:22 AM TheDICE review of Crank It Up by texasradiofish
very cool as usual :) amazing music. i really enjoyed the track (especially that...
Fri, Sep 6 7:13 AM TheDICE review of House Of The Rising Sun by unreal_dm
I love this song. Your version is amazing! Congrats to Javolenus too. Wonderful ...
Fri, Sep 6 6:49 AM TheDICE review of Fate of the Sun by Hans Atom
amazing track!! i love the instruments used. Great music
Fri, Sep 6 6:18 AM TheDICE review of Pheromones - Vocals (Collaboration with Piero Peluche) by Kara Square
Congrats for your skilled voice, Kara. Each recording is a surprise... Thinking ...