Reviews left by Songboy3

Fri, Sep 10 12:02 PM Songboy3 review of AFTER by BOCrew
So so dope! Feeling this muchly!!! BTW, it's 'Frank', not 'Franck'! LOL!
Mon, Aug 30 12:09 PM Songboy3 review of Mr. Williams Blues by MC Jack in the Box
DAMN! That's hot! Well done, MCJ! I'm glad you got the stamp of approval fro...
Sun, Aug 29 4:50 AM Songboy3 review of The Song Remains the Same (Mr Williams) by Snowflake
This is CRAZY! An astronomical, ginormous THUMBS UP on this! If I could, you'd...
Tue, Aug 24 4:03 AM Songboy3 review of Mine + Yours = Ours by George_Ellinas
A really fantastic fit! It's so interesting how they were done separately but w...
Sun, Aug 22 10:53 AM Songboy3 review of In Their Own Words by MC Jack in the Box
THIS is kind of wicked, Sirrah.....
Sun, Aug 15 7:59 AM Songboy3 review of Novus Orsa (Codeine Mix) by Kirkoid
HAH!!! Nice!
Thu, Aug 5 9:33 AM Songboy3 review of Copyright ? by Loveshadow
LOL! For some reason, I am reminded of that Star Wars muppet, Yoda, when listen...
Tue, Aug 3 6:08 PM Songboy3 review of Dear Mr Williams by Loveshadow
I listen to this and I see late nights in the sitting room Surrounded by stack...
Mon, Jun 7 6:45 AM Songboy3 review of Be Easy by Alex
YO! This is kinda dope, Duke! Nice!!! HOT sh*t!
Mon, Jun 7 6:40 AM Songboy3 review of Magic by texasradiofish
HAH! Very nice!!!
Thu, May 27 10:47 AM Songboy3 review of The Legend-The Dirty H20 Remix (Mixshow-clean mix) by J.Lang
The Vibe on this is CRAZY!!!! Great job, Gents!
Thu, May 27 9:55 AM Songboy3 review of Do It Again. by Loveshadow
Just ridiculously artsy-fartsy & funky simultaneously! Fantastic!!!!
Wed, May 19 12:56 PM Songboy3 review of Emelia Sleeps by Loveshadow
Quite simply...sublime.
Sun, May 16 4:50 AM Songboy3 review of Almost Given Up by Loveshadow
Ahhh...another slice of ethereal grooviness from the master. It's like Kate Bus...
Tue, May 11 8:53 AM Songboy3 review of My Resting Place by Admiral Bob
Very, VERY well done...