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Reviews left by Songboy3

Wed, Oct 13 2:06 PM Songboy3 review of Magic In Your Eyes by The Mulletz
Very, VERY nice! The vocal artifacts kinda weird me out a bit but this is SSSSO...
Wed, Oct 13 1:49 PM Songboy3 review of Where Did The Love Go by Alex
This is crazy!!! GREAT JOB, Alex!!!!
Wed, Oct 13 1:38 PM Songboy3 review of strung n left 2 hang by greyguy
Hip-hop for the blues...I like it!!!!
Wed, Oct 13 1:25 PM Songboy3 review of untitled funky space track by greyguy
THIS is oh so funky! Yes, Yes, YES!!!
Wed, Oct 13 12:43 PM Songboy3 review of Never Be The Same by Loveshadow
Wow. This It's funny how the one's that think they suck are th...
Wed, Oct 13 12:27 PM Songboy3 review of Thinkin' About It by Alex
I love the way this feels! Great job! I'm always learning something new with y...
Wed, Oct 13 12:24 PM Songboy3 review of Thinkin' About It by unreal_dm
I really love hearing the different ways you guys hear a song. It is ALWAYS a c...
Fri, Oct 8 6:30 PM Songboy3 review of Thinking About It- The Dirty H20 Remix by J.Lang
HAHAHAH!! You were not playing when you said you were gonna do a remix! I like...
Thu, Oct 7 7:35 PM Songboy3 review of Where Did The Love Go by J.Lang
Very, VERY nice....
Thu, Sep 30 4:17 AM Songboy3 review of Thinkin' About It by Clarence Simpson
Nnniiiiiiicccceeee! That rhythm lick you got going on the hook is ssssoooo swee...
Mon, Sep 27 9:08 AM Songboy3 review of Thing's I Love, Thing's I Hate. ( The Secret Poem ) by Loveshadow
HAHAH...Like the Brits like to say: "Brilliant!"
Mon, Sep 27 8:53 AM Songboy3 review of I Cant Seem To Help Myself ( AKA The bad shoplifters song ) by Loveshadow
Man! Even your unfinished stuff grooves me something fierce! It's a whole new ...
Sun, Sep 26 9:26 AM Songboy3 review of THINK ABOUT IT by BOCrew
WHOA! Those chords...OH! Those chords...magnifique!!!
Tue, Sep 21 4:03 PM Songboy3 review of Thinkn' About It by ChaosFootMusic
Mr Foot: The vocals just don't seem to be in sync with your groove. However wi...
Fri, Sep 10 12:43 PM Songboy3 review of Wiggle Room by Alex
This is really tight! A fat, chunky guitar riff, big, monster drums & an excell...