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Reviews left for Silkwords

Tue, Aug 18 3:47 PM Apoxode review of Live your Truth by Silkwords
This is fantastic, I was just thinking about how you were holding up in all of t...
Sun, Jun 16 2:09 PM Apoxode review of Revolution-Love your Brother by Silkwords
Inspirational message! (love your new profile pic) :)
Sat, Dec 29 1:21 PM Snowflake review of Free Bird Forever by Silkwords
Thank you for sharing this beautiful, heartfelt story from your heart. An inspir...
Mon, Oct 1 10:59 AM Admiral Bob review of Free Bird Forever by Silkwords
I am so very sorry to hear this. This is a great recording quality improvement o...
Wed, Mar 18 11:12 PM coruscate review of Healing a Lost Love by Silkwords
Very thoughtful and well done. There are some bits and pieces of yours I've list...
Tue, Aug 20 7:17 AM Doxent Zsigmond review of Inner Beauty by Silkwords
Great words. I'm wondering how they remained unnoticed for quite a long time. At...
Fri, Aug 9 2:41 PM jrbloom2 review of I Know you Love Me by Silkwords
you probably won;t believe this but before i listened to you,i wasn't much into ...
Mon, Apr 2 12:12 PM BOCrew review of The Meaning of Love by Silkwords
Thank you!!
Wed, Jun 8 7:20 PM Admiral Bob review of America the King by Silkwords
From my perspective as a Canadian, I've come to appreciate that there really is ...
Sat, Apr 30 10:31 PM Sturzstrom review of Life by Silkwords
I really like it, strangely your voice sounds even better when you have a sore t...
Thu, Apr 21 10:50 PM Chuck Berglund review of Life by Silkwords
Great! Motivation Words! we must return again to garden without the organophosph...
Sun, Mar 20 7:30 AM SackJo22 review of Artist Revive by Silkwords
Hear! Hear! Thank you!
Wed, Jan 5 5:56 AM Admiral Bob review of Making the World go Round by Silkwords
Nicely read, and well written.
Sat, May 1 6:04 PM Admiral Bob review of Why Me? by Silkwords
I like not only the poem, but the smooth NPR style delivery. :)
Tue, Apr 20 7:54 AM Chuck Berglund review of Positive People by Silkwords
Interesting!! i sure wish they would bring back the Garden of Eden just leave th...