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“Glamourous Sounds From The Ghettosphere…”

I have been involved in music in some fashion all my life, wether it be listening to it incessantly, playing instruments, or actually creating it. With the dawn of Garage Band I have reacquainted myself with the joys of composition and arrangement.

I’m no genius, but basically I make stuff I like to listen to.

With all the mundane and thoughtless music that’s on the radio and on television, I have resorted to listening to non-mainstream and off the beaten path music like EBTG, Goldfrapp, AIR, Royksopp, Gus Gus, Ivy, Blue Six, Swing Out Sister, Olive, Skye and Kraftwerk to name a few.

All of these artists seem to make music because they love music, and their artistry and creativity with music has inspired me to do the same.
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