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Nityalila is a Filipino singer-songwriter based in Manila, Philippines. Her music is highly influenced by both the folk and the world culture. Her songs are inspired by her different adventures in living, loving, and being.

Nityalila was recently nominated at the 2008 21st Awit Awards as Best Performance by a New Female Recording Artist with the song “Laya”, under Universal Records, Inc. and Manna Records. Her 13 track debut album entitled “Ako’y Isang Pinay” was released in May 2007. The album includes 12 originals and the remake of “Ako’y Isang Pinoy” by Florante.

She is currently one of the board members of Bitaw! Being Inspired Through Active Wonder — an Artist collective put together to inspire and encourage local talents. Also, she is the founder and creator of the first and only new media hub in the Philippines, Flippyknows.

Though rarely seen and heard, she is one of those female independent artists who manage to create ripples around the Philippine art and music industry and can be seen at gigs in places where her purpose as a musician is undefeated, well appreciated and where her audiences not only come to watch, but to listen and to feel.
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