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Tue, Jul 25 5:53 PM logos review of Division by Blake
Romantic but cool.Real 80's vibe.Nice one!
Tue, Jul 25 5:52 PM logos review of Celestial Darkness by Blake
Badass!Awesome synths in this one.Berlin school.
Tue, Jul 25 5:48 PM logos review of Amazon by Blake
Hi..I really like your music.I listen to it every now and then.This is by far my...
Sat, Jun 10 8:08 AM logos review of The Light Inside by Stefan Kartenberg
Excellent Remix!I like how everything sounds.Nice guitars and great arrangement....
Sat, Aug 20 5:00 PM logos review of Inside Outside - Gaga Mix by johnathon_data
Great remix!Nice electronic feel.It deserves more thumbs up!
Wed, Aug 10 6:08 AM logos review of Hula Hoop Party by Stefan Kartenberg
Nice funky song you have here.Good bass,guitar,brass and drums.Good work!Thanks ...
Wed, Mar 2 12:57 PM logos review of A Peace Of Heaven by Stefan Kartenberg
That's more like it.I like the use of admiral bob's guitar.I always wanted to he...
Sat, Jan 16 3:02 PM logos review of HalloChrist by Robbero
I really like the bass later on in the track.Nice!
Sat, Jan 16 2:57 PM logos review of This Winter by Admiral Bob
Nice Song!
Mon, Sep 14 12:28 PM logos review of Thank You by Admiral Bob
Great song!I love the guitar.Thanks for sharing the stems.
Mon, Sep 7 6:43 AM logos review of Lunar Rising (Remix) by Robbero
Nice remix!
Sat, Jul 19 5:01 PM logos review of Could Be by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
Hey....Leuk dat je mijn track heb geremixed.Nu ik jouw versie hoor met een bass ...
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