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Mindmovie is playing in several bands since about 35 years. He started with guitar - and he still loves to play this instrument but today it’s not that important for him anymore. Today his role is much more into production and composition of all kind of electronic, pop and rocksongs, and if there is some space he may also add some guitars.

is currently involved in three bandprojects =>

Flaming Bess (progressive rock)
The Band has so far released 4 albums

Tanz der Goetter (1979)
Verlorene Welt (1981)
Fata Morgana (1996)
Black Sun (2005)

Wi:Re (electronic beats, hip hop & funk, jazz)
no releases so far as the band is just at startup
phase. Main songwriters are Mindmovie and Claasvader
who is also present in the MI7 community.

(Soul, Hip Hop & Electronic Beats)
no releases so far again a very new bandproject.
Feauring Stean Stifft and Sara England on vocals
Mindmovie and Claasvader as the main composers and

Well and quite recently Mindmovie also started to do some remixes for others artists - and heard about this community. So here we go
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