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Reviews left by Levihica

Sun, Nov 16 2:02 AM Levihica review of Piano dream by Stefan Kartenberg
Beautiful. Absolutely love it.
Sun, Nov 16 1:38 AM Levihica review of Velvet Green of Mystery by Doxent Zsigmond
Fantastic mix. To me, it's slightly dissonant nature makes it very mysterious an...
Sun, Nov 16 1:26 AM Levihica review of One Sound by Snowflake
Absolutely amazing, loungy, sexy, chilled. Great job.
Sun, Nov 16 1:05 AM Levihica review of Shadows in the Hourglass by Admiral Bob
I absolutely love your voice, and paired with the latin flavor from texasradiofi...
Sun, Nov 16 12:41 AM Levihica review of Paradigm Shifter ft. Rob Walker by Platinum Butterfly
Out of this world. Really good mix, love it.
Sun, Nov 9 7:53 PM Levihica review of How You Feel by Shebbe
Nice, dark and techie. I love this track. Cool bass.
Sat, Nov 8 9:57 AM Levihica review of Burning_Like_The_Sun by Stefan Kartenberg
Good job Stefan, love it.
Sat, Nov 8 9:07 AM Levihica review of The seed, the rain, the tree ($15 Mix) by Shelflife
I love this mix. Really groovy. Excellent job Shelflife.
Fri, Nov 7 1:20 PM Levihica review of All of The World by Tarida Gaol
This goes together beautifully. I love it. Good job.
Thu, Nov 6 6:33 PM Levihica review of Triggernometry by Hans Atom
I love this mix. It's also super punchy and nice sounding. Good Job. Downloader....
Thu, Nov 6 11:00 AM Levihica review of IF_I_could by TheJoe
Excellent! Love it.
Thu, Nov 6 9:15 AM Levihica review of Foolish Game by reiswerk
Very nice Reiswerk. Love the flow, how it starts slow and then builds in excitem...
Wed, Nov 5 9:02 AM Levihica review of Crank_it_up by Stefan Kartenberg
I like this mix a whole lot. Very good job Stefan.
Mon, Nov 3 12:39 PM Levihica review of Today Is A Good Day by CSoul
Love the groove on this one. Very nice. I like.
Mon, Nov 3 10:55 AM Levihica review of Equal Parts by Speck
Dark and moody. Very very nice. Love it.