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Thu, May 31 8:19 AM Calyman review of April Showers (Dance In The Rain) by Zep Hurme
This one is Pure Dynamite ! Excellent work Zep.
Mon, May 21 2:14 AM Calyman review of Menthol - Take the chance by Mr. Pepino
Yes ! House & French touch ! It recalls me Saint Germain. It gives it an anoth...
Thu, May 17 5:11 PM Calyman review of No Better Time by billraydrums
The next vullfpeck drummer... fantastic drumming billy (cobham ?) ,:c)
Thu, May 17 5:00 PM Calyman review of Love is a mistery by Manolo Camp
80's taste inside. Fantastic Saw Bass sound design.
Thu, May 17 4:59 PM Calyman review of Age Of AI by Aussens@iter
Django's rebirth (a little bit). taking completly another way than the original...
Thu, May 17 4:56 PM Calyman review of Hipster Girls Dance Remix by Austin Coco
Excellent One ! It Mooves Man ! Technologic remix.
Thu, May 17 4:49 PM Calyman review of I don’t want to adapt by Stefan Kartenberg
Stefan, One more time in the right Mood, right arrangements, excellent compos...
Thu, May 17 4:36 PM Calyman review of Age of AI by Kara Square
Just Brillant. (not very much to say on it) In french: Magnifique or superbe cha...
Thu, May 17 4:23 PM Calyman review of You Are My Home by raja_ffm
Excellent Work/Mix/Mastering Raja. Voice is splendid. >> in favorites
Thu, May 17 4:20 PM Calyman review of little guit impro by Stefan Kartenberg
the Sound of your acoustic guitar is wonderfull. extremely pure and clean. Hope...
Thu, May 17 4:16 PM Calyman review of Robot Rules by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
A listening who give good feelings with a nostalgia of Suzan Vega best years.
Thu, May 17 4:13 PM Calyman review of Shed by Shebbe
Excellent triphop song. Like the kick sound, a little crafty and gain productio...
Thu, May 17 4:09 PM Calyman review of Blue December by Javolenus
Beautiful, meditative, airy, contemplative, luminous. A guitar that I appreciate...
Thu, May 17 4:04 PM Calyman review of Adaptation Is Surrender (pell) by Speck
Like it, like it, like it ! Never heared/listened your voice before this. Very ...
Sun, May 13 3:32 PM Calyman review of Adaptation (Spinningmerkaba) by Zep Hurme
Chords progression Like Collins - Genesis,sounds, moods and ambiances too.And...